Day off. Breakfast at Melrose Kitchen. Instant Pot dinner. Newsletter.

You may have noticed that there was no post from me yesterday. I took the day off. When it got time to do the post I was huddled under a blanket in my recliner, with a chill, too tired to do much except snuggle with Gizmo. Better today!

Elaine at Melrose Kitchen
Elaine at Melrose Kitchen for breakfast. Interesting interior!

We went for breakfast on Saturday to Melrose Kitchen on N 7th Ave in the Melrose District. It was our first time there, but it won’t be our last. Excellent food, great menu choices, and an eclectic interior. Elaine said it reminded her of the Sugar Bowl, an old-time restaurant in Green River WY when she was young.  The decorations are old time and the restaurant interior is as well. But it is well kept and clean and the tables and seating are fairly new. The staff was mostly Chinese, which I found unexpected for the restaurant theme! Continue reading Day off. Breakfast at Melrose Kitchen. Instant Pot dinner. Newsletter.

Not much new. Newsletter.

It was a quiet day for both of us today. Elaine did some work at her desk, finishing the minutes for the Social Club for the monthly meeting tomorrow. I went to the office to talk with Lisa Boyd, Manager, to discuss items for the upcoming newsletter. I also collected the Park’s financial contribution to the newsletter while there, then took those moneys to our Treasurer, Jo Elmore.

In addition, I also had several email communications with Sherry Saxon, Operations Manager for Continental Communities – the owners of Royal Palm. She had several questions about where we get TV, telephone, and Internet services. We also discussed advertising in our newsletter and she took out six months’ worth of full page color ads for Continental. That will greatly help the newsletter to pay for itself, and that is our goal.

With those commitments from the Park and Continental Communities along with other new advertisers we have added in the last month we should have a surplus over the next few months at least!

I did a lot of resting today, following the angiogram yesterday. I found that when I lay back in the recliner it eases the discomfort but if I sit in my office chair for long the discomfort comes back. So I stretch out as much as I can.

Nothing found

Dave angiogram
Dave checking in at hospital for angiogram

Dave spent most of the day at John C Lincoln Honor Health Hospital (JCL) having an angiogram done. A recent stress test showed some abnormality and Dr Kauffman ordered the angiogram to see if the problem was associated with heart plumbing. It was not. Dr Aquino, who performed the angiogram (Dr Kauffman had a back injury so could not do the procedure), reported that all the large and medium blood vessels around the heart had less than 25% blockage and some had little or none. We haven’t talked with Dr Kauffman yet but I have an appointment with him on Monday afternoon. We don’t know exactly what the stress test told him, and we will learn more about what he wants to do next at that appointment. Continue reading Nothing found

Christmas Dinner. More icicle lights.

Christmas Dinner

at serving line
The first table is up and at the serving line.Ro

It was our turn to eat at the Christmas Dinner tonight. This was the second of two nights. We had a total of 160-170 people eating, counting both nights, which is a good turnout from our roughly 550-person community. There were about 15 volunteers that worked at each dinner to set out the cooked foods and served them to diners; many worked both nights. There were also volunteers who helped to set up the hall each night and others who did cleanup each night. We have a great community here, with lots of spirit and helping hands. Continue reading Christmas Dinner. More icicle lights.

Golf cart undecorating. Christmas dinner prep. Elaine update.

This morning I removed some of the decorations on the golf cart, but only the wings, crown, and halo. Elaine wanted to leave the rest for a while at least, but I wanted to get rid of the things that caused obstructions (the wings) or were likely to come apart (the crown and halo). What’s left will still leave a brightly decorated golf cart for the season! Continue reading Golf cart undecorating. Christmas dinner prep. Elaine update.

Christmas Bazaar. Warm again. Breakfast at The Cracked Egg.

Christmas Bazaar

Sharlene buying some of Elaine’s fudge at the baked goods table. There was a wide selection of items for sale.

The Royal Palm Women’s Club Christmas Bazaar today was a success. Chris Nugent reported that the Club took in around $600 from the event. There were only nine tables where members had their crafts and other items for sale – fewer than in some years past – but they had a great selection of beautiful items. Elaine helped with the baked goods table, which featured many selections including her banana bread and fudge. It all sold out. Her chili was also a hit, and the big Crock Pot was empty before they were done. Elaine stayed with it until around 11:00 or so, but decided to return home due to being tired. Continue reading Christmas Bazaar. Warm again. Breakfast at The Cracked Egg.

Elaine feeling better. Lots of cooking. Cooler weather.

Elaine feeling better

It is so good to see Elaine feeling better! She still tires easily, but she usually gets 5-6 hours of activity in before it hits her. She recovers faster, too. Dr Johnson told her she would recover slowly and that it would take some time, but that she would get over the viral infection in time. It has been 3-4 weeks now that she has been not well and that is strange for her. She is rarely sick for long. Continue reading Elaine feeling better. Lots of cooking. Cooler weather.

Community Tire Pros. Gate turmoil. Women on the Go.

Community Tire Pros

Community Tire Pros card
I took our Equinox to Tire Pros for service this morning. Happy with the service.

Our Equinox went to Community Tire Pros for service this morning. I had made the appointment recently when I talked with them about advertising in our Royal Palm newsletter (they will do so). Daryl Layne is their new manager and I had gone to him at his previous employer for a couple of years. Community Tire Pros is a local Arizona firm with six shops in Phoenix and one in Glendale. I went to the one in the Metro Center area. I was in and out in about an hour. Continue reading Community Tire Pros. Gate turmoil. Women on the Go.

Wedding preparations. Finally some rain. Living wills.

Wedding preparations

David's Bridal
Elaine got her dress from David’s Bridal

We needed to make some added preparations for granddaughter Taylor Dockter’s wedding at the end of this month. The wedding is in the Bahamas on December 31. Elaine had bought a dress a few months ago but needed to have it finally adjusted. So we went to the David’s Bridal store on N Tatum near Paradise Valley Mall to have it done. She had bought it at a David’s Bridal in Salt Lake City. Probably she should have gone to them sooner, but they will have it done in time. Continue reading Wedding preparations. Finally some rain. Living wills.

Elaine feeling better. Starting newsletter. Great new ad.

Elaine feeling better

I am happy to report that Elaine has been gaining back her health slowly, a little each day. She has been more chipper each day, though she still tires as the day wears her down. Over the last couple of days she has gone with me on trips outside the house for activities such as shopping. Today she even went to the craft session at the Clubhouse. That involved a flurry of activity in getting prepared and assembling the materials and tools she wanted to bring with her. She stayed for a couple of hours, getting back home around 1:00. But she was tired this afternoon. Continue reading Elaine feeling better. Starting newsletter. Great new ad.