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National Dog Day. Women On The Go.    (Click for full story)

Posted: Friday, August 26, 2016 - Phoenix AZ

Photo of Gizmo and Kerby

Gizmo and Kerby: Happy National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day, Kerby and Gizmo! You really should have more than a single day to honor you, because you bring so much to our lives. Kerby, you have been with us for 10½ years - most of your 12 yeas. And Gizmo, you have been with us for almost all of your 4½ years. We certainly hope those have been as good years for you as they have been for us! We cannot imagine not having you in our lives; we get an idea of what it is like every time you are off for grooming or when we have to leave you with someone else while we are on a trip. Thank you, both of you, for bringing us much joy!

Golf car charger    (Click for full story)

Posted: Thursday, August 25, 2016 - Phoenix AZ

Photo of Steve Fritts

Steve Fritts working on the charger

Remember a week or so ago I was writing about problems with our golf car charging? I thought I had solved the problem by running the air conditioner in the shed where the charger is kept, thinking that the charger was overheating. But after the first time when that worked, it no longer did. The charger would work for a while - maybe 10-20 minutes - then the breaker on the front of the charger would pop. I was repeatedly resetting the breaker, so the batteries were getting charged some, but they were obviously not getting charged fully. So I called for help from Steve Fritts, the golf car mechanic from Cactus Golf Cars who has done some other work on our golf cart.

Kerby surgery. Pei Wei.    (Click for full story)

Posted: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 - Phoenix AZ

Photo of Kerby

Kerby with a funny green foot - the bandage on his foot after surgery

Elaine noticed a pink growth on Kerby's left hind foot a couple of weeks ago and we have been watching it. It has grown. And recently, he has been licking it. We took him to the vet on Monday and Dr Campanile of the Companion Pet Clinic said it was a wart. It was not serious, and could be left unless it was causing Kerby a problem. The doctor said that if it became damaged or injured it was likely to bleed a lot. So, since he has been fussing with it we decided to have it removed. And the doctor suggested that since he would be under anesthesia that they clean his teeth as well. The older he gets the more likely anesthesia can cause problems, so get it done now. Kerby will be 12 years old in a week.

Newsletter delivered; goofs.    (Click for full story)

Posted: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 - Phoenix AZ

I picked up the newsletter from the printer (UPS) this morning and the volunteer crew assembled at 9:30 to fold and bundle them. We have an flyer from an advertiser that has to be inserted into each, and we fold them and wrap each  with a rubber band to make it easier to hang on the outside of the mailboxes. I added a link to the PDF version in my story here last night and one reader already found an error before the evening was over! I credited work on the water main leak to Bill Russell instead of Bill Schuling. Both Bills were understanding when I explained it to them.

Newsletter. Storms.    (Click for full story)

Posted: Monday, August 22, 2016 - Phoenix AZ

Photo of rain

It rained very heavily late this afternoon. We got more than 3/4 inch.

This has been a week for storms. The haboob dust storm plus some rain yesterday, and a heavy thunderstorm today. Yesterday's dust storm and rain mostly missed us here in Royal Palm, but today's rain did not. We got about ¾ inch or more in about an hour. We were in the pool and watched the black clouds moving over us and knew something was coming. And then the wind suddenly picked up and I told everyone that the rain would start in five, maybe ten, minutes. Within about three minutes we felt the first few drops and Elaine and I got out of the pool and headed home in our golf car. It came down more as we were on our way and as soon as we arrived it became a downpour. I hope the others got out in time!

Haboob.    (Click for full story)

Posted: Sunday, August 21, 2016 - Phoenix AZ

Photo of haboob

Looking southeast during the haboob movement. The dust wall is the greyer part below the white clouds.

"Pull off the highway, out of all lanes, even the emergency lane." "Turn off all lights, keep your foot off the brake pedal." "Wait for the dust storm to pass." Those are ADOT's instructions to motorists caught in a haboob, a monster dust storm that often hits the Phoenix area during monsoon season. And we are having one tonight. We first got an alert on our cell phones around 5:00 PM or so, and have had many updates during the  evening news broadcasts. And I have been going out periodically and tracking the storm on the horizon both to the southeast and the northeast. See the photos at left.