Storage containers. Wiped out. Channel 12.

Our lunch meat containers

I know it is not an earth shattering thing, but some time ago Ziploc quit making 4-cup (32-oz) storage containers. Instead, they started making 5-cup (40-oz) containers. But those larger ones are just too large for our needs and waste space in the refrigerator and in the cabinet. Our leftovers usually fit quite nicely in the 4-cup size. What’s more, we could not find the 4-cup size by any other manufacturer. But then we started buying lunch meats at Fry’s (Kroger, nationally) and those come in very nice 4-cup reusable containers so we are back in business again. Between the two of us we go through about two of those sliced meat packages a week, so the containers have started building up.

We have a good supply of those containers in the motorhome and continue to increase the supply at the house as well. In fact, our cupboard was overflowing, so this week we took a large supply of them over to the game room here in Royal Palm. There is a counter space there where people can drop off items they don’t need or go to find things they can use. So now we have a manageable stock at the house and will continue taking the excess to the card room.

This morning we went back to the optician’s office to get my glasses repaired, and this time I had all the parts with me so was able to get it done. Now I am back wearing my “good” glasses instead of the not-so-good reading glasses I have been using the last couple of days. Yes, the reading glasses do allow me to at least use the computer and to read, but they are not really good for either activity. My prescription glasses are ground to provide for both activities, and do the job well.

While in the Camelback area Elaine also went to the Michael’s there. I waited for her in the car and did some catchup on Yelp! reviews.

After lunch we went to The Home Depot to buy a replacement light for our deck (see recent story) and a couple of other things. Then we went directly to Fry’s to do some grocery shopping. It was around 2:15 when we got home and  I was so tired I flaked out in my recliner and napped for about an hour or so. As a result, we missed swimming today.

Using our over-the-air antennas we are able to receive all local channels (about 60 or so) well except for Channel 12. While we don’t watch Ch 12 much, we do like American Ninja Warriors on that channel. I have an external antenna in the office, with an amplifier in line, and it does a fair job of receiving Channel 12. But recently Channel 12 quit working in the living room which has an outside antenna and amplifier. The screen image was so highly pixilated that we could not see the picture. Today I texted Pete Petersen to let him know, since he is the one who has helped us with our TV setup, and he suggested that the outside antenna might have moved. I had come to the same conclusion and had put out my stepladder and gone up and turned the antenna slightly. That solved the problem, and now Channel 12 comes in clearly! Pete came  over to check  it out and said he would come back tomorrow and fix it permanently. When he mounted the external antenna he had to improvise with a wood stick to extend the antenna above where the existing pole reached. But recently another friend, Jerry, offered to give us a piece of pole he did not need and that is what Pete will use to add onto our shorter one to raise the antenna. And then the antenna will be less likely to shift.

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