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It has been a while  since we ate at a US Egg restaurant, so I thought it was time to go this morning. While there are several around us, I chose the one on Greenway Parkway and 7th Street – we’ve been to this one before. I had my favorite there – the Protein Waffle, with sausage. This is filled with Wild Maine Blueberries, granola, cinnamon, and slivered almonds. Elaine had the Italy Omelet; Italian sausage and freshly sliced mushrooms, topped off with  marinara sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. He omelet was huge, and stuffed with great flavor. I brought half of my waffle home, and Elaine brought about two-thirds of her omelet home. Good yummies for another time!

Back home, I worked on cleaning my email inbaskets. I have four active email addresses:, my web business address;, my  personal address;, my address for use with that organization; and, my address for that organization. So I get about four times as much spam mail as most users. I have used several different spam filters over the years and none have worked well for me. Lately I have been getting many spam emails in foreign characters, such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and similar, as well as the usual ones in English. They are hard to keep up with.

While doing a search for how to stop the foreign character emails in Thunderbird, the email client I use, I happened on SPAMfighter, so I downloaded and installed it. Time will tell how well it works, but my first impressions are good. One thing I like about it is that it draws from a huge database of spam identifiers. When I block an email SPAMfighter adds it to this database so others get the benefit of my experience and vice versa. When I installed it on my computer it automatically got installed with each email address in my Thunderbird setup except the account. I have that one set up as an IMAP account, while  the others are set up as POP3 accounts. That must be why the difference.

I also unsubscribed from a number of sources from which I was receiving emails. These are various lists and sources I have had an interest in over the years but do no longer have. These are all reputable lists or organizations so I did not hesitate to use the unsubscribe route. I would never do this with less reputable sources; I would just mark them as spam and let the spam filter capture them; I don’t want those to know I am a legitimate email so they add me to some list.

While all this work was going on I was also sending out monthly dues notices for the Freightliner Chassis Owners Club in the background. The club sends dues notices to those whose dues expire in the current month, those whose dues expired in each of the last three months and were not renewed, and those whose dues will expire in each of the next three months. There were 883 in all this month. The dues notices are sent out using a program I wrote that sends an email with the member info and dues info and also includes as an attached PDF file their Member Profile form, generated on the fly. The latter is to encourage them to check and update their Profile if needed. This routine runs mostly unattended, though I have to check on the progress once in a while because occasionally it gets stalled and I have to resume the operation. The whole process takes several hours.

While I was doing all that, Elaine did some shopping at Michael’s and Staples.

This afternoon I started work on the upcoming October issue of The Palm Press, the newsletter of the Royal Palm Social Club. I was mostly doing things like changing the event calendar from September to October and adding a new section. I also started updating the ads for this issue. No sense waiting until the last minute!

We had bought an LED light to replace the outside light on our deck, but it was white and we wanted black. So Elaine bought some black spray paint while out today and I used it to change the light base color. It came out black, but must not have been the correct paint to use because it bubbled some. Elaine said to leave it because it is not very noticeable, and I said it made it look “rustic”, or “antique”. I need to make a change to the light mount so this new light can be attached.

Off to swimming this afternoon as usual; I say “as usual”, though I slept through that yesterday.

We were going to go to karaoke tonight, but after supper I did not feel very good – upset stomach or bowel. I wasn’t sure what was going to come of it so did not want to go out. We stayed home instead, sadly.

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