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For the past few weeks Elaine has been busy in her craft corner here at the house, making Christmas card kits. She is going to offer these kits to people at the Royal Palm craft sessions in October, so they can make the cards for themselves. I think she has about 10-12 different designs so far, and she is busy making the parts for these for a session in mid-October. These are all her own designs, using components available thru her Cricut system and other sources. And I have to say, these are truly outstanding cards and truly unique. I think these will go over well.

Each Tuesday, year round, a group of women (mostly) get together at the clubhouse here in Royal Palm to work on their craft projects for a few hours. Each brings their own craft projects to work on, and they share skills, ideas, and conversation each week. The group varies throughout the year; there are several who live here all year long and others who are here only during the  winter months. That latter group includes some in the mobilehome section of the park and some in the RV section. These folks share their skills and project ideas; sometimes one will see what another is doing and ask for help in doing one of their own. And sometimes one will offer to teach an informal class to teach the others a particular skill or technique. That is what Elaine will be doing in October.

I began work  on the October Royal Palm Social Club newsletter today. Actually, I had started some parts a couple of weeks ago; I was able to create the October calendar, for example, and fill in the regular recurring events, and I was able to layout the general scheme for the newsletter. But then I only knew what some of the stories would be.

I had to wait until the Social Club meeting yesterday to get the “rest of the stories”. That meeting provided a sketch of ideas for many stories. And George Immerso, Club President, came by our house this morning and we had a great visit with him for a couple of hours. Aside from his role in the Club, George is a good friend and we always enjoy visiting with him. He has some great stories that he shares and his insights into many things always expand our horizons. George is from New York, and worked for many years in the city’s Fire Department. Since moving to Arizona he has worked in several jobs and lived in several places, and I enjoy hearing about his experiences. And I think he enjoys hearing of our experiences. And this morning we talked about many things that affect newsletter content as well as ideas for and about the new Club web site — This is the web site I have been working on for the last week or so and which I premiered at the club meeting yesterday.

After meeting with George, I was able to continue work on the October newsletter and this afternoon I was able to get about 40% of it laid out and written today. Now I have to do some additional research and talk with some others to fill in the details to provide the remainder on some stories. And, I still have to flesh out a couple of fresh stories. The newsletter is due to be distributed on September 23rd, so I have to get it to the printers on the morning of the 22nd. Today is the 18th, so I don’t have a lot of time.

Yesterday I gave a presentation on the new club web site at the monthly Club meeting. And I got some feedback on content the members would like to have. So today I added some new empty pages to reflect those ideas. I will be filling in those over the next week or so, but this week will be largely spent working on the upcoming newsletter.

We had a great day weather-wise. The high was 104°, with very low humidity and just a slight breeze. So it was a very comfortable fall day. It started out at 68° this morning, so we had the front door open for a while to enjoy the fresh air. That will happen more and more as the fall goes on. It was great in the pool this afternoon, with no stressing weather. We could just relax and enjoy it. And we expect more of same over the next few weeks.

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