New door latch. Sunset.

Sunset looking south
Sunset looking west

Around noon today some clouds started rolling in, part of the front of Hurricane Newton that is working up from Cabo San Lucas into southeastern Arizona and western New Mexico. As a result, we were treated to a beautiful sunset tonight, with the clouds becoming colored from the setting sun. We may have a similar sunrise tomorrow morning and perhaps a sunset tomorrow night. But there is a forecast of rain, so there may too much  cloud cover for a colorful sunset. We have rain forecast for the next couple of days. We need it.

The inside door latch
The outside door latch

A few days ago I ordered a Schlage FE599NX door latch for our front door. This is a modern lockset that has features such as:

  • Receive text or email alert when your family uses their codes, so you know who’s home
  • Grant access to your home when you can’t be there with a scheduled code to let someone
  • Add, delete or change user codes remotely

Since we can control the lock remotely, that means we can use our smartphones to lock or unlock the door – whether from the driveway or hundreds of miles away. So I have some more techie stuff to learn and do.

But the best feature for both of us is the lever instead of a knob. We both have arthritis and grip strength problems, which make turning a knob sometimes difficult. The lever solves that, and all of the inside and outside doors in our house have levers – now including the front door. Hooray!

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