Kerby foot. Gizmo eyes. New lock.

Kerby at the vet’s office
Kerby with green bandage stiil on

Kerby had the bandage and stitches removed this morning from the surgery to remove a wart on his left hind foot. He has done well since the surgery, with no indication of any pain or discomfort. And the wart came off cleanly and healed well according to his vet, Dr Young and Dr Campanile of Companion Pet Clinic. There is still some redness around the wound, but that will continue to heal and he will be alright. He was very calm at the vet’s office this morning and handled being worked on very well.


Then later this morning it was Gizmo’s turn. He has pigmentary kerititis, an affliction where the surface of the eye is at least partially covered with a brown growth that can obstruct vision. In fact, it can grow enough to cause blindness. This was diagnosed a year or so ago, and he has been treated with two different eye drops – each applied twice a day. His regular vets, Dr Young and Dr Campanile, continue to check on this each time they see him but he also has a specialist eye doctor, Dr Barrett of Eye Care for Animals, who is also watching him. Today was Gizmo’s semiannual check up with Dr Barrett.

Dr Barrett said that the kerititis has become thinner in both eyes and that some blood vessels that were feeding the kerititis have become much smaller. Both of those are good signs. There are no other problems with his eyes and the pupils are clear and mostly not hidden. In fact, he said that we can extend the checkup period to annual instead of semiannual; he is required to have at least annual checkups in order to renew the prescription for one of the drops Gizmo uses. Good news!

Yesterday I had installed the new door latch but was not able to make it lock properly. I called Schlage tech support and it turned out that I had not properly connected the controller with the battery pack. Once connected, the locking worked fine.

I had some questions about connecting the door lock with our new Nexia home network – the one that came with the new Trane XL824 thermostat. So that tech handed me off to another who is knows more about that aspect and he answered my questions. Since the XL824 has a Nexia bridge, that is all I need to support a whole host of other devices, including this door lock. And he talked me through the steps I would have to do; I had already found this info at a web site, so I was familiar with it.

Once off the phone I went through the steps  to connect the door lock with the Nexia bridge and it worked the first time. So now the smartphone app as well as the myNexia web page not only can control the thermostat but also the door lock. I can use the smartphone app to lock and unlock the door and can use both to set up codes for users.

While the Schlage FE599NX comes with two default user codes, I can also set up a number of others. I did one for me and one for Elaine. Those codes can be used on the keypad outside to unlock the door. I will set up others for those who  need to  have access to our house, such as Marv for when he does work here.

I can also set up temporary codes for anyone who does not need a permanent code and can delete that code any time. And those can be done remotely from anywhere I have Internet access.

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