Grooming day. Coax start. New webs.

in cage
Gizmo and Kerby in holding cage at groomers
three boys
Elaine’s three Phoenix boys. Kerby, Dave, Gizmo

We’ve got a couple of slick boys tonight. Kerby and Gizmo were groomed today, and they are no longer shaggy and look like they have each lost 1-3 pounds. But that was all fluff. We are very happy with the job Danielle and crew do at the Pet Club store at 19th Ave and Northern. What is especially good for us is that Kerby and Gizmo like her and do not fight going to her salon. And she does a very good job of looking for potential problems such as Kerby’s lumps and bumps. They weigh each dog each  time and let us know what they weighed in at. And, they are a lot of fun to talk to. A very lively place.

We are thinking about taking a trip in late November and did some research on that today. We went to the AAA office to get some ideas and info there, but did not go any further with them. Back home we continued our searching on our own. More about this later as our plans coalesce.

We are not getting a good TV signal in the office/craft room on some channels; we are using an internal antenna with amplifier, but it still does not do the job. We don’t have that problem in the living room, where we use an external antenna at the rear of  the house as well as an amplifier. So I plan to make a coax run from the outside antenna to the office to help reception there. I got as far as buying the coax cable, some new connector tips, a splitter, and a wire stapler. I also got a twist drill about 8 inches long so I can drill through walls to run the coax cable. I spent some time making measurements to be sure I would drill in the proper place from the outside on the deck into the office, and marked the spot on the wall. Then I found that both batteries for my cordless drill were dead! Oh gosh darn! So, I put them on the charger and will be able to use them tomorrow.

Two memorable (to me) events happened in my web world today.

First, the new Freightliner Chassis Owners Club site went live; this was developed by and through the advertising firm working for Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. This will be a real plus, for members will get a more direct access to chassis information than I was ever able to  get Freightliner to provide. And the public site looks good – check it out at But from what I am hearing from club administrators, the developers have done an inadequate job in the support functions. What most people do not know is that with a web system for an organization that provides member administration services by far the greatest amount of work goes into the back end – the administrative area. The system I developed for the club had a very robust administrative area and provided a lot of functions to make life easier for those who maintain member data. But since I have not been included in the development of this new system I  have no idea of what they have provided. From the first few emails I  am getting from club officers, the back end is obviously lacking. No excuse for the new developers, for they have all the programming I did and could see all the functions I provided. I asked the club to get someone else to do this web system last year, when I realized that dealing with the medical issues I had to created some limitations for me to continue. This web system needed many new functions and I was just not able to provide those services any longer. On a personal note, the system I developed took me about two years to implement and fine tune; the new team has taken about the same amount of time and obviously are not done yet. And while I did all the work for the previous system myself, from what I could see they are using a team of 4-6 specialists to try to replicate it.

Second, I have realized that my SitePower system is not going to go anywhere. I started this web programming and development concept back in 1995. It is what is currently referred to as a Content Management System, and I came up with the concept long, long before any of those currently offering system ever got started. In fact, some of those people were probably in grammar school when I came up with the idea. But I did not have the resources to develop and market the concept, so SitePower has not gone beyond my own work. As I am getting older I realize that there will come a time when someone else will have to take over the sites I am maintaining, and since SitePower is not a system anyone else is using it makes no sense for me to continue using it. This is a sad, but necessary, realization for me. So, I will start redoing all my sites using another, very popular, system – WordPress. And I will do any new sites using WordPress and will slowly convert all existing sites to WordPress. That way when I decide to stop my clients can more easily find another person to carry it on without a major expense of redesigning the sites.

So I will be working on converting my site over and I have a couple of new sites to develop using WordPress. I’ll let you know as this process goes on.

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