Coax and splitter. Elaine tablet.

My temporary solution is a splitter on the feed from the antenna. I’ll clean up the wiring later.

Our TV in the office/craft room should now work as well as the one in the living room. I had installed an indoor antenna in the office, along with an amplifier, but still Channel 12 and sometimes others were subject to pixelating. Not a good situation. So I ran a new coax cable from the office, out through the wall, and along the trim at the top of the outside wall all the way to the back end of the house. From there I made a temporary run over to the other side of the back wall, where the feed from our outside antenna comes down the house. I installed a splitter in that feed and connected both the previous cable running under the house to the living room as well as the new coax I had run to that splitter.

This is the external antenna we use for over-the-air TV
I think I did a pretty neat job of the wiring on the outside. Only the short piece running down the siding shows, and that will be painted to match the siding.

Now, at least from the short test I made, Channel 12 comes in clearly. This is especially good, since Elaine likes to watch some programming on 12 during late evening.

If I decide to continue using over-the-air I will dress up the wiring on the back of the house. My other option is to focus the DISH satellite dish now stored on the roof of the shop and use the DISH service that we use in the motorhome. That service is with DishForMyRV, and is on a month-to-month basis.

Elaine has had problems with her Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 over the last 2-3 weeks. It has been charging slowly and running down fast. I have tried three different chargers and done all the adjustments I could think of and nothing made a difference. So today we took it to Best Buy and had a Geek Squad member check it out. He concluded, as I had done earlier, that the battery was going bad. It is still under manufacturer’s warranty so Samsung will fix it, but we have to send it off and it will be gone for a week or so.

But before it goes off we need to take care of two things. First, we need to offload any photos she has on the tablet; there are only a few. Second, we need to figure out how to preserve her status on the Scatter Slots game she has invested quite a lot of time in. This is in case the repair to her tablet destroys the app and its data. I put in a support request to the game maker but will also investigate this on my own.

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