Abuelo’s. Tablet backup.

This is the entrance view at Abuelo’s. The statue is in the middle of a seating area and there are seating areas on the three other sides.

Abuelo’s offers great Tex-Mex cuisine. We ate there tonight with Nancy and Bill Schuling; it is one of their favorite places and they used to live in that part of Peoria so ate there in the past. I took Elaine there for lunch a few weeks ago and we have been wanting to return for a supper meal. It didn’t take much to convince Bill and Nancy to join us; we just had to wait for an opportunity when Bill was off duty so we could do it. Ah, but the wait was worth it, for the meal was great as was the company.

I had the Pork Tenderloin Abrigada
at table
Elaine, Nancy, and Bill
side area
This is one of the side areas

I debated between Tilapia Veracruz and Pork Tenderloin Abrigada, and ended up with the latter. Three tender pork tenderloin chunks wrapped in bacon, served with two enchiladas of my choice; I opted for a shredded beef and a spinach. Elaine had Classic Chicken Fajitas. Both meals were great, and we brought home two of my pork tenderloins and two thirds of Elaine’s fajitas. Yummy leftovers!

On our way back we drove through areas from Bill and Nancy’s past and they pointed out various places that they related to. It was fun to see the area through their eyes. And, we had fun with  them as well.

I worked some more with the Helium backup app for Android devices; I am looking for some way to back up Elaine’s Scatter Slots game from her tablet to restore it when it comes back from having its battery replaced. I thought I had things down pat until while testing it suddenly threw an error. After that I could not make it work again. The message said the error had been reported to the software company – I don’t know what good that will do me.

Pete Petersen suggested I look a App Manager III, which does backups to SD disks. I gave it a quick try, and think it could work. However, I  had hoped to be able to do  the backup to Dropbox or similar so I could move her Scatter Slots data onto her smartphone, so she could continue playing while her tablet is off being fixed. At least having a restorable backup will solve the problem of bringing back her game in case it gets lost during the fix.

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