Hectic day. Newsletter.

It was a busy and hectic day today! I started off putting on the finishing touches to the Royal Palm newsletter, then took it to UPS for printing around 8:30 this morning. When they brought it up on the screen there we noted a problem with the front page; the masthead is supposed to have a faded-back photo of the entry sign with the words The Palm Press superimposed near the top. However, the photo was not faded, so the name did not show up well. I headed back home and worked on that, finding that I  had not used the correct PDF printing routine to produce the file I took to the printer. Once I used the correct driver the front page came out properly. Then back to UPS again. It was a busy morning for them with only one person on duty, so it took a while before the project was a go. I got home around 10:00.

I’ll try to remember the proper technique to use next time!

I got a break until noon, and did some cleanup from putting together the newsletter and relaxed. Then around 1:00 Marv came over to work with us in planning for an upcoming project here at the house. We spent about an hour an a half on that.

Then I got a call from George Immerso, President of  the Social Club, telling me of an opportunity that had just come up and wondering if we could get it in the newsletter going out tomorrow. Gail Brazell had been at the Walgreen’s at 35th and Dunlap and found out they would do a flu shot clinic for us in the park in October. So, how to let people know?

It was too late to get it in the newsletter body, but we can do a flyer insert. I just needed more info to produce that insert. George was waiting for Gail to call back with more info.

We took advantage of the break to do some grocery shopping. We discussed what to have for supper, and with no leftovers on this Bingo night we decided to bring it in. I had received an email from Pei Wei about three new noodles bowls they are offering and wanted to have one of those. Elaine wanted to get another salad at Jason’s Deli. Since they are near each other that would be easy.

By 3:00 or so I decided I needed to take action on my own, since I had no feedback yet. Elaine had a prescription to pick up at Walgreen’s at 19th Ave and Northern, so I went there to pick that up and to ask about the clinic. No one there knew anything about it! They tried to help me find info online I could use to create a flyer, but did not come up with much.

As I was leaving Walgreen’s George Immerso called me with a little more info about the clinic. Key info was that it was the Walgreen’s at 35th Ave and Dunlap where Gail had made the arrangements! Once back home I called the fellow there and got the basic info I needed to create a flyer, then did that. I printed up a dozen copies of the flyer for Elaine to take to George at Bingo tonight, and I will take one to UPS tomorrow morning and get 320 copies printed then to insert into the newsletters.

By then it was time for me to order my dinner at Pei Wei. Since I could not order one of those new noodle dishes online (they are not on the menu yet) I made a phone call and ordered a take out for 4:30. At that time I dropped Elaine off at Jason’s while I went on to Pei Wei to pick up my meal. Then I picked her up and we headed home.

I had the new Blazing Bangkok Peanut Noodle dish; Wok-seared chicken and noodles in Thai chile peanut sauce with ginger, red bell peppers, onion, swiss chard and Thai basil garnished with roasted peanuts and fresh lime. I would definitely have that one again! I have enough leftovers from that for at least one, if not two meals.

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