Recycling. Breakfast at Village Inn.

Up to our ears in trash would have been a good term to use. It had been WAY TOO LONG since I hauled to the recycle bins and today was the day to get it done. Royal Palm Social Club does recycling of aluminum, cardboard, paper, and #1 and #2 plastics. The recycle basket under the kitchen sink had been overflowing for a week or more, there was a collection of cardboard boxed on the deck, and the area around my recycle cans behind the deck was, to turn a phrase, trashy. I started with the cardboard boxes, knocking them down flat, and loading them in the golf cart. There was enough to make a whole load of that, so Elaine and the boys and I headed off to the bins.

Then I did the sorting for the accumulation under the kitchen sink (actually Elaine did most of that sorting) and took the contents of our two office wastebaskets out. I have two medium-sized plastic trash cans behind the deck – one for paper and cardboard, the other for plastic. I ended up with both of those filled along with about three plastic bags of paper stuff. That made a second golf cart load, as you can see in the photo. And off we all went for the second trip. I REALLY must do this more often!

We had breakfast at Village Inn this morning. I was first going to go to Scrambles on 7th Street, north of Mountain View, but when we got there there were four people outside in line plus more inside. Not our fancy. So we went on further north to the Village Inn on Bell west of 7th Street. There I had a Philly Jack Benedict (Country sausage patties, grilled peppers and onions over a toasted English muffin with two poached eggs covered in Pepper Jack queso. Served with hash browns). Elaine had eggs and bacon with English muffin. The boys got leftover bacon when we returned home.

We went to an impromptu birthday party for Bill Page at the clubhouse. The story has it that Nina bought a large birthday cake for him and he said he could not eat it all so why not have a party!

Swimming was great this afternoon, with air temps in the mid-90s and the water at 85°, little or no wind.

Other than that, we did some reading and relaxing. Oh, and I did some work on the web site, posting some new stories.

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