More pages. Resting.

Some page content has been added to today. I added to the Newsletters page by providing an accordion menu to display the links to download newsletters, past and present. The menu is organized by year, and the newsletter links will be set in descending order by date. So far I have a handful of 2016 newsletters available and an accordion place for 2015, but I will be adding to that as time goes on. My goal is to have all newsletters from the very beginning available here, and that is a lot of them since the park was established more than 45 years ago!

I also spent some time just doing some experimenting and research on how to do other things in a WordPress web site. As a long-experienced web developer I have many ideas of what SHOULD be done in this site, but because I have little experience using the WordPress system I don’t yet know how to do a lot of them.

When I was developing using ASP.NET/VB.NET I would create my own processes to accomplish what I wanted. I used some third-party routines but for the most part I created my own from scratch. Since WordPress is based on the PHP language, with which I have only a little experience, I am first looking for third-party tools at first. And there are many. Use of PHP has grown tremendously and is probably (one of) the most-used language for web systems today. From my little experience with it, it appears to be similar to the Cold Fusion language in constructs and practices. Cold Fusion was my second web programming language, and I used it extensively from about 1996 through about 2004. I quit using it when they raised the price of the latest version beyond what I could afford as a part-time developer. It was at that time that I switched to the free ASP.NET and I have been using it since until very recently. But I don’t think it will take me long to get familiar with PHP, and I suspect that I will have to do so in order to create some features not available via other routes.

We did not have an active day today. Elaine made her usual (delicious) breakfast burritos this morning. We did a lot of reading (at least I did; I am not sure what Elaine was doing on her tablet). And I took an hour’s nap this afternoon after lunch. And we did our usual swimming and enjoyed that. And tonight Elaine is off to play Marbles & Jokers.

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