Fuel points. OurHous. Samsung tablet.

I pulled up to the pump at Fry’s yesterday and found we had no fuel points available to use. That was a surprise to me, since we regularly shop at Fry’s on purpose to get those fuel points. Then, when checking out inside I saw that we had 250 fuel points showing on the receipt. I stopped at customer service in the store to try to figure that out, but got nowhere with the staff there who treated me like I was stupid. So this morning I did some digging and finally figured out what happened. And then I got on the phone and made further changes to get it all straightened out.

As active RVers we have traveled all over the continent and have therefor shopped in many different stores. I collected rewards cards for just about any store that offered them, so have quite a collection of them. While I don’t think I will likely use ones such as Red Lion or Publix soon, I keep all of those in the car “just in case”.

While in Phoenix we usually shop at Fry’s. We’ll be heading to Wyoming tomorrow and while there we will shop at Smith’s. When we are in Oregon we shop at Fred Meyer’s; in California, at Ralph’s; and it other parts of the country, at Kroger’s. These are all part of the same Kroger chain and the rewards card for one will work for all the others.

While the card for each of these when issued had its own ID number, in the past I have had the account changed so that most of them used the ID number and phone number alt ID as our Smith’s account. But our Fry’s card had been issued to Elaine, and had not been linked.

We had always used my phone number at the pump and inside the store at checkout, so the fuel points were visible at both places. Then a few months ago we started using Samsung Pay at checkout; I also scanned in some of our rewards cards and can flash those from the Samsung Pay app at the register. But since the Fry’s card I had scanned in was Elaine’s and not linked to the others, those fuel points were not showing up at the pump, and when I entered our alt ID (my phone number) at the pump it did not see any points because the system associated that phone number with the Smith’s account.

So this morning I spent some time on the phone with a very helpful person named Brittany, who helped me sort through it all and finally got all five rewards cards pointing to the same account number. That will make life simpler from now on. And she learned something from the exercise as well, since she did not think you could use a Fry’s card at Fred Meyer and vice versa.

Elaine’s Samsung Tab S2 has been having some problems lately and we need to take steps to fix it. As I reported a week or so ago, a Geek Squad tech at Best Buy diagnosed a problem with the battery which will require the tablet to be sent to the manufacturer to be fixed. Our concern was how to preserve her investment of time and money in a particular game she has been working on for a year or more. In addition, she has been getting messages about running out of storage room; the tablet has 32 GB and only had about 770 MB free. So I got a microSD card to install, with the intent of moving as much as we could from internal storage to the card. Pete Petersen had recommended an app called App Manager III to do that job, and today I did that moving job. This relieved about 1.77 GB of material from the internal storage, which will help. There are a lot of apps which cannot be moved to the card, however. So this will help relieve the storage situation, but having moved her game to the card it can be removed while the tablet is out for repair and reinserted when it comes back.

In addition to the above, we have also heard from the game manufacturer how to preserve the game settings and status and recover them.

This afternoon we moved OurHous out of storage and onto a lot in the RV section. I wanted to have electrical power to be able to check everything out and to make sure the Dish satellite system was working properly (it was). Tomorrow morning I will take it off the lot and bring it to in front of the house so we can transfer what we need to more easily.

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