On the road. Into Kanab. Fuel flow.

I wish problem-solving was always this easy! We headed out from Phoenix about 9:45 this morning and as we started the climb up the Mogollon Rim I noticed a fast reduction in power; our motorhome was not performing as usual. We made the climb, though at a reduced speed, but once on top we went back to normal speeds fine. Then a little later I got a “Check Engine” message on the instrument panel and we had similar performance reduction. So I pulled off at Cordes Junction and into a truck stop area where we could park safely. Freightliner Custom Chassis offers 24/7 Direct service – a phone number direct to support at Freightliner. The support tech had me do some operations in the instrument panel that reached Engine Diagnostics and then displayed the error code. He said it was a fuel flow issue.

This could be a plugged fuel filter, a plugged vent line creating vacuum in the tank, or a problem with the fuel pickup line. I tried the easy one – opening one of the fuel filler caps – and that did not solve the problem. Then I asked if it would  be a problem to drive on further, since there was no service where we were. Back to Phoenix or on to Flagstaff would be our choices.

Then before he let me go he asked if I had added any additive to the fuel tank; sometimes a part from the bottle can fall off and into the tank. I replied that I had not done that, and said goodbye.

But as I ended the call I suddenly remembered that I HAD put in an additive and that while doing it a little part of the bottle cap fell into the tank. Duh! I still had not left the truck stop while we were deciding what to do, and when I realized what the  problem might be I reasoned that if I turned off the engine the fuel pump would release the blockage and we should be OK. And if it happened again I would only have to turn off the engine to solve it.

So I turned the key off, paused, and then started the engine again. No Check Engine signal! Whew! So we got back on the highway and continued our trip and did not have the situation happen again. Whoopee!

I had planned to go as far as Page AZ today, it being a convenient place to stop and it being a reasonable drive time for the day. But neither RV park in the Page area had a vacancy, so we ended up going about 70 miles further on to Kanab UT. That made a long day; we arrived in Kanab around 5:45 PM, which  was 4:45 Phoenix time. We checked in at Kanab RV Corral – a new park for us – and got set up then went out to dinner.

We had dinner at Houston’s Trails End, a local restaurant in Kanab and one we had not been to before. We have stayed in Kanab on several occasions, mostly while driving our car, but had not eaten there. We would go back again. They serve typical  western fare; I had boneless ribs and Elaine had a quesadilla.

We did stop in Page to get fuel, and stopped at the new Maverik station there. It has lots of room in which to move and offers pumps for RVs which allow us to fill without having to restart the credit card operation as so many places do (they cut off at $75 or $100, or so).

Weather was reasonably good. We could see storm clouds much of the way, and did run through a couple of storms, but nothing bad. We did have some cross winds, though, but not excessive.

Tired now, but have to plan for tomorrow’s leg. We are just under half way to Rock Springs now.

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