Springville in Autumn. More fuel flow problems.

We can see the Wasatch Mountains from our site

We are in the Springville UT KOA tonight; this is just south of Provo and Salt Lake City. We’ll head out tomorrow for Wyoming. This park is a fairly large one with paved streets and parking pads and grass in between. It seems to be very well kept up, and is attractive. We’re on a pull-through space that is just barely long enough for motorhome and towed car, but we fit. Unfortunately I was not able to park straight on the pad because there is a lamp post at the left edge of our pad so I was not able to swing wide and come in straight. It is sometimes tough with a long wheelbase rig. It was about 81° when we arrived, so very pleasant weather.

We started out the day with more fuel flow problems on our way  north from Kanab UT. It happened 3-4 times in the first 20-30 miles, but once it cleared that last time we went the rest of the way – 230 miles or so – with no problems at all.

We had intended to drive US 89 all the way to Springville so that we could take the scenic route. While we have driven that route north of Panguitch once in our car, it was many years ago. But when the fuel flow problems started again we decided to cut over to I-15 from north  of Panguitch. I did not want to have to stop on a narrow road with  maybe no shoulder if the problem happened again. Of course, it never did! We’ll take that scenic route another time soon, though.

We passed through several bands of showers on our way north, but the last 50 miles or so were in sunshine. The temp in Kanab this morning was around 59°, so I had the heat on most of the way. But as we got further north the temperature went up into the low 80s, so I switched to A/C. And while we were at our lunch stop I ran the generator, as usual, and had the heat on for a while. But we are expecting temps of 71/45 in Rock Springs tomorrow, and it will drop to 50/32 next week. Brrrr….

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