At Rock Springs KOA.

site 67
OurHous on site 67, with White Mountain in background. An early “RV” in the foreground.

We are back at one of our frequent stops – the Rock Springs-Green River KOA– in Rock Springs WY. This is the city from which Elaine and I moved to Phoenix in 2000. We have family here: Elaine’s sister, Jo Behrman; son Shane Ogden and his wife, Johnna; son John Ogden; and daughter Shauna Ogden Dockter and her husband Casey. So we come back often to visit with family. But this area was Elaine’s home for almost all of her life from around age 6 to 2000, and I lived here from around 1979 through 2000 except for when we lived in Lewiston ME from around 1986-1990. We will be here for a week.

Later today we were treated to a glorious sunset.

We have stayed at Rock Springs KOA 18 or more times since we started RVing in 2006, so it is sort of a home-away-from-home. I am instantly recognized when I walk in the door of the office to check in.

This is not one of the high end RV parks. It is not like the one we stayed in at Springville UT yesterday. It has the basics, set on a gravel site with gravel streets. It has a large number of short term sites – the kind for which KOA Journey parks are known. But it also has a fair number of long term sites, mostly used by workers on projects in the area who stay for several months.

I have to be honest: my favorite spot to stay in any park in any state is lot L-10 here in Rock Springs KOA. I could stay there for months and months. This lot is in the long term section, so it is not often available to use for our short stays, but we have stayed there on a few occasions. It is on the far edge of the park and faces east, so our living room windows face north. And it is the view out those windows that make it so attractive to me. That view includes the White Mountain, a long sandstone-faced mesa. It also includes some old ranch buildings and a lot of high desert country. The setting and the view is peaceful in nature, though the play of storms coming off White Mountain is not always peaceful! And the wind coming through this area can be strong.

Our trip from Springville UT took about 5½ hours, including a stop for fueling and lunch at the TA Truck Stop on I-80 just past the Third Sister. There are three climbs coming out of Evanston WY and they have been called the Three Sisters by truckers and others for many years. The TA is about 30 miles into Wyoming from Utah. We have stopped there on several occasions.

I am pleased to report that we had no fuel flow problems today. Not the the problem has necessarily gone away; just that the little plastic thing that has (I think) blocked the fuel uptake line a few occasions on the last two days did not get in the way today.

We were both tired when we arrived. Three back-to-back days are not easy on us. So we rested for a while, then did some grocery shopping. Then we went out to Village Inn for supper.

Elaine is out with Shauna this evening, doing some other shopping, while the boys and I are home watching TV.

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