Great weather. Web work. Prepare for kitchen remodel.

We had great seasonal weather today. Temps got into the mid-80s, which is normal for this time of year. And it looks like it will stay that way for the rest of the week. Tonight is Hallowe’en, and it will be very comfortable for all the kids out here in the Valley of the Sun.

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Finally solved

I have been struggling with Arvixe about my web site for a couple of months, and my email service for a month or so. Despite numerous contacts with tech support by chat and by support ticket nothing has gotten resolved. I was sick of it! For a while they offered me a temporary way to get around email problems but that stopped working a day or so ago. But they did nothing to help me understand what had happened to my web site.

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Halloween in the Park. Moon Valley Cafe.

Halloween golf cart
Here’s the front view of our golf cart, with a huge spider on top

Today was Hallowe’en Parade day. Several of us decorated our golf carts and some others decorated their motorized scooters. We all gathered at noon and headed out driving slowly around the streets of the Park. Many of us made a lot of noise blowing our horns, and Marv had some seasonal music playing on his golf cart. Many residents were out front of their houses to watch the parade go by; Elaine and I as well as a couple of others had bags of candy which we handed out to the watchers. Some folks had young kids visiting, and they were excited to get the candy. Continue reading Halloween in the Park. Moon Valley Cafe.

Los Compadres. Dogs groomed. Tablet keyboard. Royal Palm news.

machaca relleno
Machaca Relleno at Los Compadres

Supper tonight was an impromptu affair. As we getting ready to leave the pool Elaine mentioned something about getting supper ready; I  knew she had set some fish out to thaw. But she seemed tired, so I suggested we go out to dinner instead. She quickly agreed! Agnes Volk had mentioned Los Compadres, a Mexican restaurant down on Northern that I used to go to when I worked at Wood Patel nearby but have not been to for a few years. So I thought we should give it a try, since Elaine had never been there. We were happy with our meal and, of course, brought about half home as leftovers. She had a Chicken Fajita, I had a Machaca Relleno. both good. And we both had a margarita. Continue reading Los Compadres. Dogs groomed. Tablet keyboard. Royal Palm news.

Hot. Granite. Good customer service.

It was hot today here in Phoenix!

Talk about hot – it reached 100° today here in Phoenix. It was the latest day on record to reach 100°, a record temperature for this date, and it was the 24th day this month with a temperature at 90° or higher. Average temps for this time of year are in the mid-80s. It honestly didn’t feel that hot, though. While the skies were fairly clear this morning it got clouded over this afternoon. Humidity was in the low 20% range, so  it was comfortable. We expect to have a few more 90+ days, but then the forecast is for temps to drop closer to normal. Continue reading Hot. Granite. Good customer service.

Hell on Wheels meeting. MailChimp for web site.

homeless meeting
Some of the Royal Palm residents attending the meeting on homeless and crime

“The phrase Hell on Wheels was originally used to describe the itinerant collection of flimsily assembled gambling houses, dance halls, saloons, and brothels that followed the army of Union Pacific railroad workers westward as they constructed the First Transcontinental Railroad in 1860s North America.” (from wikipedia) I was reminded of this term when attending a meeting of residents and business owners in the general Royal Palm and Sunnyslope area tonight. I think it applies to what we are experiencing as the light rail system gets extended further in Phoenix. The huge increase in homeless people coming into our area is similar to what happened at the previous “end of rails” at Montbello and 19th Ave further south. Continue reading Hell on Wheels meeting. MailChimp for web site.

Busy day, I think. Crafts. Swimming.

I tried to think back on what I did today, but am really drawing a blank! I know I was very busy all morning long, but  am not sure what, if anything I accomplished. I know I worked mostly on trying to get MailChimp hooked up with the web site but was not successful. I want MailChimp to grab the RSS feed from the site and send out an email to everyone on the list with the latest post. I have a support request in to MailChimp to find out. I have used them for years with other sites. Continue reading Busy day, I think. Crafts. Swimming.

Samsung TV remote. Golf car batteries. Elaine and Jan.

Samsung app
The Samsung remote app on my smartphone

We have a Samsung Smart TV in the office and from the very start we could  not find the remote that came with it. Pete Petersen helped me select a universal remote and we have been using that all along. But recently we lost channel 51 and needed to reprogram the channel list and needed the Samsung remote to do it. So I went to the Google store and found an app for my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone which seems to provide all the functions the original remote would have, so now we are back in business again. See photo at left. And we have channel 51 again. While I was playing around with that app I took the time to modify the channel list we see on-screen to eliminate all the Spanish-language ones as well as a couple of others we don’t watch. That makes the list much smaller. Continue reading Samsung TV remote. Golf car batteries. Elaine and Jan.

Newsletter delivered, autopost to Facebook. Golf cart stutters.

The volunteer group met at the Clubhouse at 9:30 this morning to fold and stuff the newsletters, and then the volunteers who deliver them took them out to the residents. Thus another newsletter cycle is over for me. Many thanks for those volunteers, for they make a tedious job almost easy. They gather around a table and stuff the two (in this case) inserts into each newsletter then fold the newsletter in half longwise and wrap a rubber band around it. I then take counted bundles of them and pack them into bags for each delivery area. That whole process takes about a half hour to work on over 350 newsletters! Continue reading Newsletter delivered, autopost to Facebook. Golf cart stutters.