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Elaine’s nails, as redecorated by Shauna

Shortly before leaving Phoenix last week Elaine had a nail appointment and had them redone, at least as far as the base goes. She told her tech, however, that her daughter is a licensed nail tech and that Shauna would add some finish details once Elaine got to Wyoming. Well, today was the day, and you can see the result in the photo at left. Some of those decorations are hand-done, but others are stamps. And in some I think there is a combination of stamp and hand work. In any case, the result is elegant!

A Halloween wreath Elaine made with Shauna today

Another project Elaine and Shauna worked on was a Halloween wreath, that might be used as an outside house decoration. You can see the result in the second photo at left. This will be tricky to store and convey back to Phoenix, but I figured out I would simply attach it to the bottom of the ceiling fan in the bedroom. That should keep it up and out of harm and not be damaged while we stay here and while we travel.

Shane had been out deer hunting with his son Kyle and they returned today. Both got deer; this was Kyle’s first and he was so proud and delighted. Shane was, too. He brought his horns over this afternoon so  we could see them and later we went out to supper.

Supper tonight was at Dickey’s BBQ. I have seen this restaurant here in Rock Springs for several  years and while have wanted to try them out I had never done so until today. I had a three-meat plate, with kielbasa, pulled pork, and chicken. My sides were baked beans and cole slaw. The meats were good, as were the BBQ sauces; I tried three different ones. I brought home enough leftovers for another meal. While not the best I have had, I would go to Dickey’s should the occasion arise again.

I spent a fair time this morning converting all the Royal Palm newsletters starting with January 2012 to PDF files. I then set up a file structure at the new web site and uploaded the PDFs there. You can check this out at I had to stop at January 2012 because that was where Diana Carter had started up and I have all her files, so could easily convert the Word or Publisher files to PDF. I am soliciting newsletters earlier than that point from residents; I will scan those as I can get them and also upload them to the Newsletters page. I want to have as complete a history of newsletters as I can gather and make them available at the web site. This will be great for those who want to look back at what happened in any month in the past, and will serve as an easily-accessible library or repository.

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