It started out miserable, but got better.

It’s snowing this morning

We were awakened around 2:00 this morning by a sudden burst of very strong wind against OurHous. This kept up for a long time, and it soon started raining. Elaine said this kept her partially awake for a couple of hours, but I went back to sleep again. When I got up the temp was around 48° but it kept dropping until by around 10:00 it was down to 38°. I had our rooftop electric heat going all night, but this morning I had to switch to gas heat; the rooftop heat pump units will not produce heat when the outside temp drops below the mid-40s. The wind let up this morning but was back with a vengeance around 10:00 or so and continued most of the day off and on.

White Mountain
It’s snowing this morning

What started as rain had switched to snow by around 10:00, and this continued for a couple of hours. Not any accumulation on the ground, since the ground is not yet frozen, but there was some on the higher parts of White Mountain as the photo at left shows.

The boys went out close by in our yard when they first got up, but had no interest in going out for a business walk until around 11:00, and then they were in a hurry to come back in.

As usual here in Rock Springs KOA the ground is muddy once it gets rained on. When we went out I tried to walk on areas where there was gravel instead of the muddy spots, but the muddy ones were hard to avoid. And, of course, Kerby and Gizmo did not even try to avoid the muddy spots so when they came in the house they left muddy tracks wherever they went. And the first place to which they went was the couch, where Elaine was sitting, and Gizmo climbed into her lap right off. So we have muddy footprints all over and this will continue until either it dries or we leave.

But the day got better, though not weather-wise.

We went to visit Elaine’s sister, Jo Behrman, this afternoon. We would have gone a couple of days ago but Elaine did not want to take a chance on spreading whatever she had Friday night. Jo is undergoing both radiation and chemo treatments for lung cancer; she is at the end of her second week now. Radiation five days a week, chemo two days. She is looking tired as we expected, but was lively in conversation. We’ll see her again this week.

This evening we had dinner with Casey and Shauna Dockter at their house in Green River. We had seen Shauna so far this trip, but not Casey as yet. It was a good visit and an excellent meal. We didn’t stay long after, because Casey had to go to work and Shauna had a meeting to go to. But it was a great time.

Tonight, around 6:30, the temp outside is 41° and the wind is blowing hard. We are probably experiencing 25-35 mph winds at the moment, but the forecast says they could be up to 65 mph later this evening. I can tell you that those winds can find the smallest crack or space in our motorhome to come through!

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