Sapporo. Wind continues. Web work.

This was my dinner. I only ate about one-fourth.

Part show, part great food, and part great company. That was our dinner at Sapporo tonight with Shauna and Casey Dockter. We had shared this with them the last time we were here, and looked forward to doing it again. Sapporo is a Japanese restaurant with your meal cooked in front of you on a large hibachi with lots of flair. These young chefs are trained to entertain, and that they do. We shared a Sapporo Special For Two – 8 oz filet mignon, 5 oz lobster tail, 8 pcs shrimp, 7 oz chicken. And we brought home about ¾ of each meal for leftovers! They will be yum. I enjoyed a saki-based martini and also had some squirted saki while the meal was being prepared.

Our chef
flaming onion
A flaming onion and our meal items on the grill
saki squirt
The chef squirting saki in the mouths of Shauna and Dave

The (everlasting) wind continues. During the day the wind speeds have run 15-20 mph with gusts to 55, though in the late afternoon it slowed down some. Last night the wind was blowing so hard it was rocking our motorhome; Elaine woke up around 4:00 AM and the wind was so loud she could not get back to sleep again. When I got up around 6:15 she and the boys were all snuggled up on the couch, and she was reading. She did get a short nap later in the morning, though. Family members are accusing us of bringing this weather with us, for it seems lately that when we have been here it has rained and snowed and the wind has blown. But if we brought it, why wouldn’t it be hot weather like we had in Phoenix before we left?

Last year I asked the Freightliner Chassis Owners Club to find another webmaster and to find someone to manage the web system. It took several months before they found a firm to handle the web system, and then many more months before the work was done and the new site came on line. That happened in mid-September. And right from the start there were problems. While the firm did an excellent job on the public site, they fell down greatly  on the management part of the system. The web system I created for them provided many tools so that members could join and could update their profile and many more tools for club officers to manage member information as well as web content. The new system was/is grossly lacking in those latter functions. And the officers have been struggling trying to get the info they need. For example, though members have been paying dues, using the PayPal account for the club, the club’s PayPal account did not show the money coming in. We have had several back-and-forth sessions by email and phone, between officers and me and including someone from the firm doing the work, and it was only yesterday that I was able to figure out what might be going on and they found the problem and will solve it.

I had planned to take my site off the server soon – once we knew the new one was running successfully – but with all the trouble I decided to move it to a prototype area I use when developing new sites. That way we can still access the site I did, though it will not be available to the public and the database will not be updated. But at least the officers can access it to tell the new developers what is missing and what reports and functions should look like. So today I spent some time doing some cleanup on the member database as it existed when the site got switched and made preparations for the old site to get moved to my other server.

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