Kyle, Ashley, Brycen. Less wind. Mud again. Slowwwww.

Elaine, Brycen, and Gizmo

Kyle, Ashley, and their baby Brycen came over for a visit this evening. Kyle is our grandson; Shane’s son. We brought with us a box containing a bunch of albums of old family photos from Elaine’s side. Kyle had said he wanted to have them and go through them, so Elaine had several months ago gone through them all and marked as many as she could that were not marked showing the names of the people in the photos. Kyle is interested in family history, so he is a good one to keep those photos. Tonight he and Elaine went through the albums and Elaine (and I to some extent) helped him learn who the people were that he did not know. This will be fun for him.

Kyle, Ashley, and Brycen

This gave us a chance to find out how Ashley’s new job with Coca Cola, driving delivery truck, was going. She started just a couple of weeks ago or so, so it is new to her.

And Kyle is taking some mine maintenance classes leading to a certificate in that field, for which there is a great demand around this area. He reports he is doing well; he just finished his first five-week block.

Southwestern Wyoming is high, dry, desert country. Phoenix and the Sonoran Desert gets around 7-10 inches of rainfall a year, and so does Southwestern Wyoming. A main difference is that SW Wyoming is about 5,000 feet higher in elevation and 750 miles further north, so it will usually be about 25-30° cooler. So we don’t expect to see much rain when we come here unless we come in late April or early May or late September or early October. So when have we been here this year? Late April and early May, and late September and early October! And it has rained and snowed, and the wind has blown. Not a comfortable time to be here.

What has made it worse is that the Rock Springs-Green River KOA is all gravel and natural soils. No paving. No grass except in the dog park and the tent enclosures. The natural soils in this area are like concrete when dry, but since they are formed from silt and clay they turn to snotty, sticky mud when wet. A couple of days ago it was so bad that we kept a towel by the front door and wipe the dogs’ feet before they come into the house; otherwise everything gets muddy footprints. We always take our own shoes off when entering, so we don’t cause a problem in any case.

It did not rain yesterday, so things had gotten fairly dry outside. But late this afternoon it started a light rain again and there is a layer of mud on the very top of the ground. The forecast is for dry weather tomorrow and Friday, and since we are leaving Friday morning we should be OK the rest of our time here.

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