Server problems. Jo Behrman. Shane. Shauna and Casey.

The last 24 hours has been very frustrating! Right after I finished writing and publishing my entry last night a problem developed at the web server and my web site has not been available. That means that that even though there was a post to Facebook, people could not reach the story. I made a chat session with Arvixe tech support last night; that tech could not solve the problem and bounced it up the line to a higher level. But no response. Two more sessions with tech support today and still no resolution, though the last one did more testing and made the priority high when he bounced it up the line. I am writing this tonight using the server on my local laptop; this works fine and I will find a way to be able to post these stories for access until the problem gets fixed.

Dealing with the web site issues took up about three hours of my day today, so not much else got done. We did head over to Shauna and Casey’s in late morning to return some items and say goodbye, and then we went to Penny’s Diner in Green River for lunch. Haven’t been there in quite a while. Usually good food. Penny’s is associated with Oak Tree Inn, and I think these are found together at several places along the Union Pacific Rail Road line. The hotel is used for UPRR workers to stay in on their layovers.

As we were sitting in Penny’s I noticed a motorhome pull off the freeway and turn into the driveway at the restaurant. Then as we were leaving a couple came into the restaurant and sat down near us. I mentioned to Elaine that we had seen that same motorhome in the Auburn Acres RV Park in Auburn OR a few months ago. I recognized it only because there is some red tape around a bedroom slide opening, which made it stand out. So I went up and asked if they were the ones in the motorhome and mentioned seeing their coach before. That is their home base, but now they are on their way to Oklahoma. Bet they never expected to be recognized in Green River WY!

Then we headed out to Jamestown to check out The Travel Camp, and RV park out west of Green River. We have never stayed there, but we are getting frustrated with the muddy conditions at the Rock Springs-Green River KOA and need to find another place to stay when it is wet. The prices are good and the roads and RV pads are paved, so mud will not be a problem.

We headed back to Rock Springs and stopped at a Verizon outlet there. Shane had recently upgraded his phone with our account and they “gave” him a Samsung Tab E. He gave it to Elaine to use when she sends hers off for battery repair and I noted the phone number assigned to the Tab E. It is a (603) 456-xxxx number. This is very strange, since none of our devices in that account are in NH, just AZ and WY. What is more strange is that the (603) 456- exchange is for Warner NH, the town in which I grew up! And my Dad and brother ran the local phone company there and created that exchange. Why would a number in that exchange be assigned to a tablet in Rock Springs WY? I had a very frustrating exchange with a young woman in that store who did not want to listen to what I was asking about and basically treated me as though I did know anything about my own account. I walked out with no answers about how that phone number came to be assigned.

This afternoon we went over to see Elaine’s sister, Jo Behrman. She is dealing with lung cancer and other issues. Her visiting nurse was there checking on her, and found a problem that needed immediate attention. So Elaine drove Jo to the doctor in Jo’s car, while the boys and I returned home. An hour or so later they called and I went to Walgreen’s to pick up a prescription and then on to Jo’s to drop it off and pick up Elaine. We got a chance to visit for a while, then Elaine and I headed home.

Shane and Kerby
Kerby enjoying a vigorous belly rub from Shane, while Elaine and Gizmo look on

Shane dropped by shortly after we arrived and Elaine made enough supper to include him as well. So we had a good but short visit with Shane, then said our goodbyes.

Elaine, Shauna, Casey, Gizmo, Kerby
Elaine, Shauna, Casey, Gizmo, Kerby

And Shauna and Casey dropped by later this evening on their way home from a movie, so we had a good visit with them and said our goodbyes. They brought a bag of theater popcorn that Elaine requested, too.

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