In Beaver UT. Still no web site.

Echo Cyn
Looking down Echo Canyon along I-80, coming from the rest stop

We headed out of Rock Springs WY this morning around 9:00, starting on our way back to Phoenix. We took I-80 west to Kimball Jct, then got off on US 40 to go to Heber City. We stopped there beside the road to have our lunch, then headed on further and onto US 187. We should have gone further, for there are some nice scenic spots along Deer Creek Reservoir where we could have pulled off for lunch. Maybe next time, if we can remember. Continuing on, we got on I-15 in Orem and continued south to Beaver. All told, the trip today was great. Great weather, smooth sailing, made good time. We will head south from Beaver tomorrow.

This route provides quite a variety of scenic pleasures.

The Wyoming end of I-80 passes through high desert country, with some spots of fascinating rock formations.

Down into UT, the trip through Echo Canyon is always enjoyable due to the red rock formations on the north side.

Coalville Res
Coalville Reservoir outside Coalville UT is almost empty, as it should be at this time of year

Around Coalville, you pass Coalville Reservoir. It is almost empty at this time of year which is as it should be. The reservoir collects winter storm flow and spring snow melt and stores it for release later in the year for irrigation and recreation uses. This is why water resources people refer to October 1st as the New Water Year start. Runoff occurring after that date will be used by the end of September.

nr Heber City
Mountains outside Heber City UT along US 187

Turning off I-80 near Kimball Junction we took US 40 to Heber City. This area passes through part of Utah’s winter sports areas. Jordanelle Reservoir is always scenic, on the way into Heber City. And on the way out of Heber City we pass by Deer Creek Reservoir. Both those reservoirs store a lot of water for downstream uses as well as recreation.

Then on down I-15 we pass through some fascinating country once we get out of the urbanized area. Lots of mountains and hills, lots of prairie, and lots of fields. There are several passes that I-15 crosses on the way; you see “chain-up” area signs in most of those and chains are often required in winter travel.

Beaver KOA
OurHous on space 12 in Beaver UT KOA

You can see a few of the sights I mentioned in the photos at left. I could have spent a couple more days traveling the same distance if I were to take all the photos I see in my mind as I drive by!

Still no response from Arvixe – the hosting company where I have all my web sites – on the problem with The site stopped working two days ago and has been down almost 48 hours at this point. I have spent three lengthy sessions with first level support but got nowhere. The issue has been bumped up to a higher level of support, but I have not heard from them.

So I finally did a work-around. I have all the sites on my laptop and can use the development system to run them locally. So that is how I have been writing the stories for three days now. I then upload the story content to another web site I run,, and from there I can create a link which I can then post to Facebook so my friends there can read the stories from there. It is a sad situation that I have to do this, but at least I was able to figure out a bypass. I don’t have much time to deal with the problem while we are traveling, but once back in Phoenix I can work on it more.

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