Cocos is so-so. In Flagstaff AZ.

Big storm over San Francisco Peaks on our approach to Flagstaff from the north

We had a good travel day today, with cloudy but good weather almost all the way to Flagstaff. As we approached Flagstaff on US 89 we could see heavy dark clouds over the San Francisco Peaks, and I thought I saw a couple of flashes of lightning. But there was no rain until we got close to Flagstaff, and only a very light rain as we turned in to J&H RV Park just outside Flagstaff. But as I was hooking up at the site I got some rain on me for a while; it went away as soon as I was done! We have been at J&H before and liked it, but have gone elsewhere because of the cost and because some spaces are not satellite-friendly. But it was all I could find and we were lucky to get a satellite-friendly space this time. We’re only here for one night.

space 37
OurHous on Space 37 in J&H RV Park in Flagstaff

I first called Flagstaff KOA a couple of days ago and left a message; they never called back. I checked the KOA web site yesterday but found they had no vacancies. So then I called Greer’s Pine Shadows RV Park yesterday, where we have stayed several times. I had to leave a message and I told them what we needed. He called back later in the afternoon and left me a message to call him. I did so but had to leave another message for him. This went on three times with neither of us connecting. On my last message I simply said please tell us yes or no, to avoid the uncertainty. He never returned that call.

So then this morning I called J&H and was lucky to get a space for this one night.

J&H is the only (according to them) smoke-free RV park in the country. It is a well-kept park with gravel streets and pads. The gravel is deep enough so mud should not come through as it did in Rock Springs!

Since we had to unhook the car for this back-in space we decided to go out to dinner. I checked on Google to see what was around and was happy to see Coco’s Bakery. We used to eat at various Coco’s in the Phoenix area but they have closed down all but one out in Glendale, I think. So I decided to go to Coco’s since there was one here in Flagstaff. Sorry we did, however, and we won’t go back.

I ordered the prime rib, which is supposed to be available after 4:00 on Fridays and Saturdays; it was 4:30. But they told me it wouldn’t be ready for 20 minutes and offered a different steak. I said OK to the bone-in rib eye, my favorite cut. It was tough and grisly; though tasty it was not good. Elaine ordered parmesan crusted chicken; they delivered a fish taco dish. While tasty, it was not what she wanted. But she said nothing and ate it. Then we ordered a carrot cake slice to go for dessert. When we got home we found we had a slice of key lime pie. How wrong can one place be?

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