20 degree difference. Back in Phoenix.

Yes, we experienced an environmental shift today! We’ve spent the last week and a half in Wyoming and Utah, and experienced a great difference in temperature and weather from what we would have had in Phoenix. You’ve seen me write about rain, snow, mud, freezing weather, and wind over that time. And yes, we did have some good weather during that period. The last couple of days we’ve seen high temperatures in the mid-70s, which has been very comfortable. Today we returned to Phoenix and temperatures in the mid-90s. We enjoyed that and took advantage of it by going to the pool  this afternoon.

We started our morning with breakfast out. We went to one of our favorite restaurants – Cracker Barrel. I debated whether to have my frequent Pecan Pancakes or the seasonal special Pumpkin Spice Pancakes and ended up ordering the Pumpkin Spice Pancakes but asked for pecans to be added! They were delicious. They served me with three pancakes, but I brought home two as leftovers. Elaine had oatmeal and added to it the whipped cream spiced with cinnamon that was on top of my pancakes and that I had asked to be left off.

It was delightful to have put on our front door this morning and little thank you card from the  management at J&H RV Park in Flagstaff. It was one that they designed on their own, and made us feel appreciated. Nice touch!

Our trip to Phoenix went smoothly. We stopped at Cordes Junction to top off our tank and for me to buy some DEF for the motorhome. As I have mentioned in the past, they sell it at about half the best price I have seen elsewhere.

We arrived at our house in Royal Palm Community around 12:15, and were surprised to find Mary McDougale hard at work doing house cleaning! Thank you, Mary. We did not expect that, but we sure were pleased.

We had contacted Pete Petersen to ask for help in moving stuff from motorhome to house, and he was able to spent about half an hour with the harder, heavier stuff. Thank you, Pete; you made a great difference for us. Mary pitched in as well. All told, it took us about an hour to do the task. We still have a few more items to move over but will take care of those tomorrow.

Once we had that done we moved OurHous onto space O416 in the RV Section so we could have the hookups for a day or so. I got electrical and water connected this afternoon so  tomorrow when we go to finish the rest it will be cool inside and I will get a chance to top off the fresh water tank. I will also drain the waste tanks tomorrow and clean up some other stuff. Once we are done, we will move OurHous back into our space in the storage lot.

By that time we were both very tired and ready for a break.

We saw by our living room clock that it was about 2:45 and time to head to the pool. We have missed going to the pool while we were gone. We got there and there was no one there! We usually see Agnes Volk and often Bill Russell there when we arrive, and Pete Petersen comes in shortly after. But there was no one. Then I looked at the clock and saw it was 2:00, not 3:00. Hmmm. We checked the clock in the adjacent laundry room  and it showed the same 2:00. So we headed back to the house. I looked at the time on my phone and saw it agreed with that at the pool, and not our living room clock. When we first came home I saw that our living room clock had stopped; batteries had run down. I got fresh batteries in and went through the setup, but what I missed is that while I had properly set the time zone (Mountain) I had mistakenly set it to respect daylight time. Arizona does not observe daylight time, so it was an hour off. I made the proper change and an hour later we headed back to the pool. Oh yes, and Agnes and Bill were there and Pete came soon after.

Too tired to make supper or dig something out, we went to Jason’s Deli. Elaine put together a great salad and  I got a reuben sandwich. We brought them home and enjoyed them there, in a relaxed mode.

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