OurHous to storage. Shopping.

OurHous behind bars. Well, only in storage as it turns out.

We moved OurHous into storage today. I had done enough with it on an RV space to get it ready and it was time to make the move. It took me about 15 minutes to get it done! I decided that this time I would store it with the rear facing south to limit sunlight on the windshield side. All I had to do was disconnect the water and electric lines, stow them, and bring in the slides. Once in the storage spot I brought down all the night shades, opened the refrigerator and freezer doors, and opened two of our roof vents to relieve heat buildup. Those two vents have covers over them to prevent rain from coming in.

While I had taken over a basket of washed items when I moved OurHous, there were still a couple of other items to go back to the motorhome. And I remembered later that I had forgotten to remove the windshield wipers; this is to reduce heat damage in the Arizona sun. I have used those fabric blade covers in the past but did not think they provided enough protection, so I figured total removal was best. So after supper tonight I took a quick trip into storage to take care of those items and was glad I did. I heard a beeping sound and discovered it was the refrigerator complaining because the doors were open. That meant that the refrigerator was still powered! Sure enough, a quick check of the power control system showed it was “inverting”, meaning that power from the house batteries was being inverted from DC to AC and the refrigerator was still being energized.

What surprised me about that is that I had switched both battery systems to OFF in their respective compartments outside. So I learned (after all these years) that OFF does not necessarily mean OFF! Going back to the energy control panel I simply turned the inverter off and that took care of the situation. Glad I made that extra trip! That would have drained the house batteries quickly.

We did some grocery shopping this morning, with  a trip to the 99¢ store for some staples for the Royal Palm Relief Pantry and then on to Fry’s for our usual household shopping (lots of fresh produce in that shopping event).

Then Elaine was off to Crafts Session.

While she was gone I worked on how to preserve her game status on her Samsung Tab S2 while it gets sent out for repairs. I had installed App Manager III on both it and the Samsung Tab E she will use in the interim and had moved as many games and apps to an SD card as was possible. Then I moved the SD card from one tablet to the other. But the apps on the card were not available on the second tablet, though a scan of the SD card showed the data was there. Before I messed things up, I quit right there and texted Pete Petersen for advice.

In the meantime I also posted a question at Murka support; they are the ones who created the game Elaine uses. I had asked the question about a month ago but could not find the answer reply in either her email or mine, though I knew we had received onee. Then tonight Elaine found the earlier answer in the Support area of her app, so we know now how to go about it. I will work on this tomorrow morning when I am fresher.

Off to the pool this afternoon. The group of us decided on Sunday that we should start going earlier in the afternoon. We had been going at 3:00 in the summer, but decided to move it up to 2:30 for now and maybe 2:00 later on. So we headed over at 2:30 today. With the season changing, the hotter part of the day is moving earlier as well, so we will match that better. The pool water was a comfortable 86° today while the air temp was around 95°.

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