Motorhome clearing. Prescriptions. Web frustration.

We made another trip over to OurHous to move some of Elaine’s craft supplies back to the house. You can’t imagine how much stuff she uses and keeps on hand to do her wonderful card and other projects. She maintains quite a stock here in the house, but she also keeps a stock in the motorhome for when we are traveling. That saves her from having to move it all back and forth at trip start and end. But she is at this time moving stock and equipment that she needs for current projects. I am sure we’ll have several more trips of this nature as she gets it all sorted out. It is so easy to go into the storage yard with the golf cart, load it up, and come back home. We are able to bypass the gate with an end-around the fence using a path only wide enough for golf carts.

While she was loading up, I added the DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) I bought recently to the motorhome’s DEF tank. That almost filled it up again.

Now that we are back home again we needed to get some prescriptions refilled. We have been using the Walgreen’s at 19th Ave and Northern but I recently decided to change to the Walgreen’s at 35th Ave and Dunlap. The latter is two miles away instead of one mile, but the pharmacy at the former closes at 6:00 PM so it is not as convenient. Plus, the one at 35th and Dunlap is more interested in offering services to our community at Royal Palm. I also had a prescription that was last filled at Walmart, so I had to  have that moved to Walgreen’s.

Elaine did some shopping today, I think for various decorations for upcoming seasonal events.

While she was doing that I was working to try to resuscitate my web site. Something happened a week or so ago and I have no idea what went on. I had just finished doing my daily story that night and ten minutes later the site would not work. This was while we were traveling, so I did not have much time to try to figure it out. I contacted Arvixe tech support – Arvixe is the hosting company I use – and had  several tech support chats.  They did something, and that further messed things up. A day or so ago I finally got some idea of what might have been done and today I started to work on solving the problems. But I was not successful, and things have gotten more complex. I am still able to write these stories using the development system on my laptop and to then post them to  another site I host so they can be accessible to my Facebook audience.

I am at a crossroads in my web development work. I had developed a highly complex and efficient system for running web systems over the course of about eighteen years, but the treatment processes I went through in 2015 for prostate cancer and then for knee replacement prevented me from being able to concentrate enough and for long enough to continue in my development work. At this point it has been more than 1½ years since I have done any serious programming, and I am losing touch with the work. I already stepped down from supporting and expanding the Freightliner Chassis Owners Club web site since I could not keep up with the detail. And over the next year or so I will do the same for the others. I want first to convert those sites to be based on WordPress, for which there are many others who could keep them up. We’ll see how it goes over the next few months.

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