Hectic, tired. Flu shots. Geek Squad.

flu shot
My flu shot badge. We both got them today.

We got our flu shots today. The Walgreen’s at 35th Ave and Dunlap Ave sponsored a clinic here at Royal Palm so that residents could get their flu shots. Elaine and I both got ours when we showed up for the Royal Palm Social Club Board meeting, so we are set for the season. This was a welcome service offered by Walgreen’s, and we hope to foster and closer relationship with more events such as this in the future. I also hope to get them to advertise in our newsletter, The Palm Press. Such services are very beneficial for those who cannot get out easily, and we have some of those here in the park since wee are a 55+ community.

This morning got quite hectic for me, unexpectedly. The first thing I did, even before eating breakfast, was to check for support messages on Elaine’s Samsung Tab S2. I have been struggling with  how to save her status on the Scatter Slots game, and clarity has been coming slowly. Murka, the company who wrote and supports the Scatter Slots game, has responded on how to do this, but not in a manner that I could understand. They said to use the F Connect (Facebook Connect) feature to save the game results at Facebook so they could be restored again. But I could never find how to get that option, and they did not say. Finally, I figured out on my own that if you log out of the game and then start it again, you see a F Connect option under settings and that is where you are offered to restore the saved game. It only took me a month to get that figured out! Now that I see it, it seems very straight forward and makes sense. Not only will it allow her to restore the game status on the Tab S2, she can easily pick up the game on any other device, such as the Samsung Tab E, her Galaxy S6 Edge, and even on her laptop computer. Wow!

Then I went to help Elaine print out the minutes from the last Social Club meeting and the last Board meeting. First, I found out that our printer had not yet been restored to our home network since we returned from our latest trip. I got that done, then started printing. The printer ran out of paper and I reloaded it. But Elaine’s computer kept saying that the printer was out of paper. So I finally decided to reboot the computer since I could not figure out how to clear that problem any other way. But, some Windows updates were wafting to get installed so on reboot I had to wait out that updating process. Finally, I was able to continue with the printing and got it done for her.

I also had to spend a half hour with one of my email clients who has been having trouble connecting to his web mail account – more problems caused by Arvixe. I got him working again.

Off we went to the Social Club Board meeting, Elaine as a Board member (Secretary) and me as an observer in my capacity as editor of the newsletter and web site. That took 1¼ hours, so we were after noon when we got home.

George Krause had some questions for Elaine about making some items for the upcoming dinner later this month, and he stopped by as we were coming home.

Finally, by around 1:00 we were ready to have lunch. Since we planned to go to Best Buy  Geek Squad we decided to have lunch out and went to Smashburger. Always great food!

On to Geek Squad. We are concerned about the Samsung Tab S2 battery; it seems to run down fast and recharge slow. The tech did some testing, and finally said we needed to do a factory reset before sending it off. So he did that and once we knew it was recovering fine he sent us off again to test it over the next few days. It is under factory warranty until Nov 11th, but if it has to be sent off we want to do it sooner than that.

By the time we got back from all that, I was too tired to even go swimming, so I laid down in the bed instead. Slept for an hour or so.

Then off to Fry’s for some grocery shopping and filling the car’s fuel tank.

Elaine is off to Bingo tonight.

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