Newsletter delivered, autopost to Facebook. Golf cart stutters.

The volunteer group met at the Clubhouse at 9:30 this morning to fold and stuff the newsletters, and then the volunteers who deliver them took them out to the residents. Thus another newsletter cycle is over for me. Many thanks for those volunteers, for they make a tedious job almost easy. They gather around a table and stuff the two (in this case) inserts into each newsletter then fold the newsletter in half longwise and wrap a rubber band around it. I then take counted bundles of them and pack them into bags for each delivery area. That whole process takes about a half hour to work on over 350 newsletters!

I added a feature at the Royal Palm web site so that posts there will automatically be posted to the Club’s Facebook group. This will give more immediacy to the news and let people respond to items sooner.

While Elaine was out delivering newsletters with Mary McDougale our golf cart started acting up. It would ¬†suddenly quit, dead. Elaine found that if she clicked the unlock button on the remote it would start running again. But that would not last long, and at times it would take clicking the remote every few seconds. I called Steve Frist, our golf cart mechanic, and explained it to him. He thought he could get here tomorrow morning and he will also check out a problem on Gail Brazell’s golf cart while here. Good service!

It was a great day for swimming, again, with temps in the high 90s. I did my usual swimming; I start as soon as I get to the pool and swim for 35 minutes straight and then quit and relax in the pool. I started this routine with 15-minute swims and gradually extended the period by adding 5 minutes about every month. I will add another five minutes at the start of November. Great exercise!

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