Samsung TV remote. Golf car batteries. Elaine and Jan.

Samsung app
The Samsung remote app on my smartphone

We have a Samsung Smart TV in the office and from the very start we could  not find the remote that came with it. Pete Petersen helped me select a universal remote and we have been using that all along. But recently we lost channel 51 and needed to reprogram the channel list and needed the Samsung remote to do it. So I went to the Google store and found an app for my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone which seems to provide all the functions the original remote would have, so now we are back in business again. See photo at left. And we have channel 51 again. While I was playing around with that app I took the time to modify the channel list we see on-screen to eliminate all the Spanish-language ones as well as a couple of others we don’t watch. That makes the list much smaller.

fuel gauge
The golf car’s fuel gauge

Remember that I mentioned yesterday that we were having problems with our golf car? I called Steve Fritts, our golf car mechanic, and he came out early this morning to check it out. It turns out that two of the six batteries had gone bad! And the whole set was just installed in June of this year! They only tested around 6 volts (our batteries are 8-volts) and load tested at around 2 volts (the good ones load tested at around 6 volts). So Steve called The Battery Guy, from whom we bought the batteries, and they will replace those two under warranty.

But none of us can figure out why those two failed. Billy from The Battery Guy reviewed on the phone how we were operating the golf car and especially our charging routine. I told him I generally recharged when the needle got down to the top of the green zone or slightly below. He asked me to change that routine to only charge the batteries when the needle got down halfway, or in the middle of the green zone. But I have had others tell me to charge every week, or every time the car is used, or every two weeks, etc. However, I will take Billy’s advice and operate that way from now on. See photo at left showing our charge meter.

Elaine spent the day with Jan Ostlund today. This is the first time they have gotten together since last spring, since Jan had been in Minnesota for the summer. Sadly, her husband Dave died while they were there so Jan has come home alone. Elaine reports that Jan seems to be doing well, which we surely hope will continue. Elaine has not been home long enough for me to learn what they got into today; there was too much other news and too many other items to discuss. I’m sure we can catch up on that tomorrow.

Elaine headed off to play Hand & Foot tonight. Not really ready to do that after a busy day, but she doesn’t want to let them down if they need her as a player.

I also spent some time today clearing my desk. It has gotten quite cluttered, and needs to be cleared and items filed. I got some done today and will continue to work on this over the next few days.

It was kind of quiet swimming this afternoon. It must have been the totally cloudy skies that kept folks away. Elaine was not there, of course, and Pete Petersen came in about half an hour after I arrived. I got my swim period in and spent some time chatting with Pete, then headed back home again.

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