Busy day, I think. Crafts. Swimming.

I tried to think back on what I did today, but am really drawing a blank! I know I was very busy all morning long, but  am not sure what, if anything I accomplished. I know I worked mostly on trying to get MailChimp hooked up with the  RoyalPalmSocialClub.com web site but was not successful. I want MailChimp to grab the RSS feed from the site and send out an email to everyone on the list with the latest post. I have a support request in to MailChimp to find out. I have used them for years with other sites.

I did check the water level  in the golf cart batteries and filled them as needed. None were very far down.

I did take a neighbor for a medical visit this morning; he had an accident recently and has lost his vehicle with damage.

Elaine went to the weekly crafts session at the  clubhouse around 11 and returned around 1. She brought some Hallowe’en candy with her and the gang helped her to put the candy in small bags for handing out.

This afternoon we went swimming, and it was great. Mostly sunny skies, warm weather, water fine. There was a usual crowd there today, unlike yesterday when I was the only one there for most of the time.

I am starting to do some work in trying to rehab the Violette.com we site that has been down for so long. I have been having trouble getting the FTP service to work, but got that going tonight with help from Arvixe tech support.

Funny how it takes so long for so little accomplishments!

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