Hot. Granite. Good customer service.

It was hot today here in Phoenix!

Talk about hot – it reached 100° today here in Phoenix. It was the latest day on record to reach 100°, a record temperature for this date, and it was the 24th day this month with a temperature at 90° or higher. Average temps for this time of year are in the mid-80s. It honestly didn’t feel that hot, though. While the skies were fairly clear this morning it got clouded over this afternoon. Humidity was in the low 20% range, so  it was comfortable. We expect to have a few more 90+ days, but then the forecast is for temps to drop closer to normal.

Elaine, top
Can you imagine this granite on a countertop?
glowing top
I was struck by this granite slab lighted from behind!

We went to a granite shop today to select material for our new kitchen counters. Yes, we are going to remodel our  kitchen this November and have already ordered the cabinets. Today we bought the countertop material and the sink. That leaves only the dishwasher and the knobs and handles to buy. Marv Fitchett will do the work while we are on our Thanksgiving trips in late November; we’ll be gone for about 2½ weeks, and hope he’ll have it done when we return. If not, I guess we can move our motorhome onto  a lot and stay in it until the work is done. Convenient.

The granite-buying experience was a frustrating and hot one (see story above). Frustrating because there were so many, many different slabs from which to choose and none that really jumped out at us. The shop was large, with rows and rows of slabs in racks, standing on edge. And then there were about as many in racks outside. The salesman gave us a listing of all the materials: 8½x14 with three columns on both sides. As we found a potential candidate I made an X beside it in the list. After going through the whole place once and then doing some of it twice, we went into the sales room just to sit and rest. We described our frustration to the salesman and told him of the ones we had Xed. He mentioned Black Forest and showed us a picture on his computer screen; we went out to the shop and looked at it and decided that would work for us, so went in a closed the deal. We also bought a composition black granite sink to go with it. We had to take the sink with us, but left the granite to be picked up by the contractor. Sorry, but I forgot to take a photo of the Black Forest!

I had a good customer experience tonight when I  went to the local CVS. I bought what I came in for and told the clerk I didn’t want the plastic bag nor the receipt. I was almost out to my car when the clerk came out calling to me. He had the receipt, which had $6 in discount coupons on it. He said he couldn’t let it stay with the store. Great service!

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