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machaca relleno
Machaca Relleno at Los Compadres

Supper tonight was an impromptu affair. As we getting ready to leave the pool Elaine mentioned something about getting supper ready; I  knew she had set some fish out to thaw. But she seemed tired, so I suggested we go out to dinner instead. She quickly agreed! Agnes Volk had mentioned Los Compadres, a Mexican restaurant down on Northern that I used to go to when I worked at Wood Patel nearby but have not been to for a few years. So I thought we should give it a try, since Elaine had never been there. We were happy with our meal and, of course, brought about half home as leftovers. She had a Chicken Fajita, I had a Machaca Relleno. both good. And we both had a margarita.

Much of my morning after I dropped the boys off for grooming at Pet Club at Northern and 19th Ave was spent working on the RSS feed for the Royal Palm Social Club. This is the mechanism whereby posts at the web site are automatically sent by email to people who have subscribed to this service. My chore today was to design the email template that will be used when sending. I have done this before for a few other web sites, but it has been a few years since the last one. So I had a fairly steep learning curve to get to a satisfactory result. I am sure I will tweak the design over time, but at least I am initially satisfied with this one.

This afternoon I took my Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet over to Geek Squad at Best Buy on W Thunderbird. The keyboard function of the combo cover and keyboard had quit working several months ago. I had done a lot of  research online and have tried everything I could find to no avail. The Geek Squad member did a lot of testing and  experimenting and tentatively concluded it was a problem with the keyboard itself. He went over to the computer area and brought back a keyboard from the Surface 3 or 4 and as soon as he plugged it in it immediately worked. Hypothesis proven. When I got back home I looked up keyboards for the Surface Pro 2 and found just what I wanted on Amazon and ordered it; less than $30. It should be here Sunday. I use the tablet a lot, and have greatly missed the keyboard. Yes,  there is an onscreen keyboard, but it just isn’t as convenient since it covers part of the screen.

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