Halloween in the Park. Moon Valley Cafe.

Halloween golf cart
Here’s the front view of our golf cart, with a huge spider on top

Today was Hallowe’en Parade day. Several of us decorated our golf carts and some others decorated their motorized scooters. We all gathered at noon and headed out driving slowly around the streets of the Park. Many of us made a lot of noise blowing our horns, and Marv had some seasonal music playing on his golf cart. Many residents were out front of their houses to watch the parade go by; Elaine and I as well as a couple of others had bags of candy which we handed out to the watchers. Some folks had young kids visiting, and they were excited to get the candy.

rear view
Here’s the rear view of our golf cart, with a huge witch and our skinny dog Skel.

Elaine had fun choosing the decorations for our golf cart. Actually, the huge spider, the witch, and the skeleton dog were part of our house decorations for the season. She added some icicle lights and many other items as we went along. It took us about an hour and a half to do the job, and it all looked great!

Stroh hearse
Dale and Betty Stroh decorated their golf cart as an old-fashioned hearse.

Dale and Betty Stroh went all out and made their golf cart look like an old black hearse. Others had various Hallowe’en-themed decorations. All in all it was fun.

I dug out my power pack from the motorhome to use to power the lights, and it did a good job  for almost an hour. It had not gotten fully charged, however, so that does not surprise me. I had not used the power pack before, so I was not sure what to expect. It is a Duracell Powerpack Pro 1300. It had been charging for about 22 hours before being put into use today, so it obviously needs more time to fully charge. I will leave it charging now until done to see how many hours it takes.

Fitchettt cart
Suzanne Fitchett by the golf cart she and Marv decorated.

Tonight we attended the Hallowe’en Dinner at the Clubhouse, along with about 57 others. Lasagna, salad, and Italian bread toast was served along with desserts and drinks. It is always fun to get with friends at these events and to get to meet others and make new friends. George and Faye Kraus were the organizers of this dinner as they have been for others for several years. However, the Christmas Dinner this year will be their last. They are always supported by a large group of volunteers who help set up, serve, and pick up after.

We had breakfast this morning at Moon Valley Cafe. We haven’t been there for a long time, but the two waitresses who were there when we last were remembered us. Moon Valley Cafe used to be our regular Saturday morning breakfast spot when we lived in the area. Our house on Sweetwater Ave was about a mile from the Cafe, so we went there whenever we were in town. And when we started traveling we always went back when we returned for the winter. The last year or so, we haven’t been there because there are so many other restaurants much closer, but I think we’ll start going there more often. We really like the place and the food is great.

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