Finally solved

I have been struggling with Arvixe about my web site for a couple of months, and my email service for a month or so. Despite numerous contacts with tech support by chat and by support ticket nothing has gotten resolved. I was sick of it! For a while they offered me a temporary way to get around email problems but that stopped working a day or so ago. But they did nothing to help me understand what had happened to my web site.

I had just about decided a few weeks ago that the only way I was going to resolve the web site issues was to start over. What held me back was deciding in which direction I would go with the start-over. I could continue with the SitePower system I had been using and which I developed starting in 1996, or I could switch to another system.

I had decided to start using WordPress a couple of months ago and planned to convert my sites to that over the next year or so. When I began developing the site recently I went the WordPress route and have been (mostly) happy with the results so far. A big advantage of WordPress is that it it the most common content management system in use today, and there are many people who are adept with it.

So today, in final frustration, I started up a new site using WordPress. I am still using Arvixe, but on their Linux/PHP side instead of their Windows side. I sense their Windows support is falling behind.

Because the site was not working in recent history, I have been having to do a work-around to getting my stories posted. My site uses the same SitePower system so I used it to host the stories and thus get them to Facebook. But those who were getting my posts via email have been out of luck. Until now.

Setting the new server up was fast and easy; within an hour or so both web and email were working properly. I quickly contacted those family members who use a email address to let them know the changes needed in their setups.

The web site will still be in a flux for a time, however, as I go through the editing process to get it to look and function the way I want it to. This work is relatively easy with WordPress, though there is still a learning curve for me to translate how to do things from the Windows/ASP.NET world in which I have worked for about 20 years into the Linux/PHP/WordPress world in which I will be working. Fortunately there is a wealth of plugins for WordPress that provide specialized functions and features, so for the most part I just have to find the correct plugin to do what I want. There will come a point, however, where there will be no plugin and I will either have to accept not having that feature or will have to start programming in PHP.

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