Golf cart changes. Newsletter stuff.

steering knob
I added a steering spinner knob on the golf cart to make it easier for Elaine to steer.
We now have a small LED clock on the golf cart dashboard







I finally added a steering spinner knob to the golf cart, to make it easier for Elaine to steer. There is no power steering on those machines! I had put one on our previous golf cart but left it there when we passed it on. The knob is not permanently attached, as I still need to shim under the strap so it will fit tightly. Today I just wanted to get it in position and fairly tight so that Elaine could test it out. We now have the correct position and tomorrow I will do the shimming for a tight fit. While I was at the parts store buying the knob, I also spotted an LED clock to add to the dashboard. I have been wanting to do that ever since we bought the cart. Continue reading Golf cart changes. Newsletter stuff.

Charles and Chris. Newsletter published.

Charles and Chris Yust
Charles and Chris Yust

What a great opportunity for a visit with Chris and Charles Yust. We met them several years ago at an RV rally in Indiana and ended up getting our RV and vehicle insurance with them. Chris is a specialist in insurance and gives seminars at RV rallies all over the country. They live fulltime in a motorhome and have for a number of years. As a result, they are very knowledgeable about RV matters as well as the specialized insurance needs of RVers, whether part time or fulltime. And Chris watches out for her customers; when she read last year that we were putting our motorhome in storage she immediately contacted me and asked if we wanted to put our insurance on storage basis. This saved us quite a bit of money. Continue reading Charles and Chris. Newsletter published.

Skel and spiders. Newsletter.

Skel dog
Our Hallowe’en dog, Skel, was joined by some spiders today. I also put out his water dish.

Our Hallowe’en dog, named Skel, was joined by some spiders today. You can see them all in the photo at left. Skel is a fairly lightweight dog and doesn’t eat much, and we don’t think the spiders will be especially troublesome. But even though Skel does not seem to eat much, we wonder how that large pile of apparent fecal matter managed to escape him. We’ll have to ask Pete Petersen, I think, since he is the only one who has been around Skel since he went back out. Though Skel went out a few days ago I realized this morning that I had forgotten to put out his water dish, so I did that today. I hope he hadn’t gotten too dry! Continue reading Skel and spiders. Newsletter.

Web changes. Newsletter.

Not much to  report today. Elaine went to the Women’s Club meeting this morning, and ran the meeting since the President was out sick. She is Vice President. I am sure she did a good job. While she was doing that I worked at my computer making changes to the newsletter in process. I received a lot of information yesterday that let me finish several stories for the newsletter. I have just a couple more people to check with to finish it up. Continue reading Web changes. Newsletter.

El Encanto. Newsletter.

table view
The view off the end of our table included a pond, some ducks, and some turtles

Dinner tonight was at El Encanto restaurant in Cave Creek. Pete Petersen and Sharlene Froberg went with us and we had a great time. While it was a first time in this restaurant for the other two, Elaine and I have eaten there several times over the years and always enjoy it. This restaurant is set as a Mexican town, with a pond in the middle, complete with ducks and turtles, an inside eating area, and an open patio and closed patio area. There is also a large open space in the front that is a popular venue for weddings and celebrations. All in all a great experience. Continue reading El Encanto. Newsletter.

Halloween decorations. Newsletter. New webs.

Elaine, witch
Elaine (R) working on her witch (L)

Hallowe’en season is here, and decorations at the Violettes now show it. We dug out decorations we used last year and Elaine has added some to them for this year. A notable addition is the large witch on our deck. I know there are yet a few more to put up and I am sure Elaine has some in mind beyond what I already know about. That’s a given! Hallowe’en is a fun time to decorate, and is a popular holiday in general. Elaine gets excited about Hallowe’en but it seems she got started later this year than usual. Probably because we took that trip to Wyoming a short time back. Continue reading Halloween decorations. Newsletter. New webs.

Working on newsletter. Some web work.

It’s newsletter time – The Palm Press goes to press at the end of this week. So I spent a fair amount of this morning working on the latest issue and will be doing so during the coming week. A lot of it had to wait until the Social Club meeting was held, since a number of items came up at that time that have to be reported on. And now that the meeting is over, I can proceed. So on I go, writing section  after section. I still have to meet with a couple of people to get more details on some issues, but that will get done this week. Continue reading Working on newsletter. Some web work.

Bitzee Mamas. Social Club meeting. Lobster roll. Karaoke.

My breakfast in front: ham, bacon, scrambled eggs, over hash browns and covered with sausage gravy

I decided to try Bitzee Mama’s in Glendale for breakfast this morning. We haven’t been there for several years, so I thought it might be good to try it again. We don’t think we will return; there is nothing on the menu that would draw us back. I ordered a skillet consisting of ham, bacon, and scrambled eggs over hash brown potatoes and smothered in sausage gravy. This is not a breakfast I would usually order, and I will not do so again. The hash browns were not  well cooked and there was way too much gravy on top. It was tasty, though I thought the gravy could have been spicier. Elaine had a simple omelet. You can see both in the photo at left. Continue reading Bitzee Mamas. Social Club meeting. Lobster roll. Karaoke.

gang at dinner
Vaneddie Jones, Bill Russell, Marty House, Sharlene Froberg, Pete Petersen, Elaine Violette at Pappadeaux

When we heard Pappadeaux was having a Maine lobster special on Friday night, we knew we had to go. And so, it developed, did some others from here in Royal Palm. So group of us made arrangements to go together tonight. Vaneddie Jones, Bill Russell, Marty House, Sharlene Froberg, Pete Petersen, Elaine, and I went as a group. And as it turned out, Dale and Betty Stroh also went on their own; they would have been welcome to join our party had we know they were coming. The special was two one-pound lobsters for $29.95 along with  dirty rice. Elaine and I each ordered that meal and we brought home 2½ lobsters along with a bread pudding dessert. Continue reading

Hectic, tired. Flu shots. Geek Squad.

flu shot
My flu shot badge. We both got them today.

We got our flu shots today. The Walgreen’s at 35th Ave and Dunlap Ave sponsored a clinic here at Royal Palm so that residents could get their flu shots. Elaine and I both got ours when we showed up for the Royal Palm Social Club Board meeting, so we are set for the season. This was a welcome service offered by Walgreen’s, and we hope to foster and closer relationship with more events such as this in the future. I also hope to get them to advertise in our newsletter, The Palm Press. Such services are very beneficial for those who cannot get out easily, and we have some of those here in the park since wee are a 55+ community. Continue reading Hectic, tired. Flu shots. Geek Squad.