Restaurant problems. Vidanta.

Outdoor dining at La Baja California

We were going to eat at the Steak House tonight, but it was crowded with a long line when we got there and we were told it would be a 1½ hour wait. So we headed over to the main area to try the Mexican restaurant – La Misíon – but it was closed. We finally ended up at La Baja California, a buffet restaurant with lots of choices. We got right in there and had our meal. I was not impressed with the food selection there, though I did find plenty to eat and it was good. Elaine had a harder time in selecting but did find something to eat. We sat inside, though there was also seating outside. Continue reading Restaurant problems. Vidanta.

Early flight. On to Cabo.

View from Gate 75 at SFO

4:15 AM comes all too soon, especially when we got to the hotel around 10:30 the night before! But that was the time for our wakeup call so we could catch the 5:00 shuttle to the airport in Phoenix. Our flight was at 7:00 AM and we needed to grab a bite to eat before boarding. We got checked in OK, but had a 10-15 minute wait for wheelchair drivers to take us to our gate. We got a brief breakfast and headed to our gate – it was crowded! Continue reading Early flight. On to Cabo.

Goodbye to the kids. Flight delay at PDX.

Dave, Cody, Elaine, Cora

We’ve had a great visit with Rachel, Destry , Cora, and Cody the last few days. But all good things come to an end, and we head back to Phoenix this afternoon. We started the day with breakfast (again) at Elmer’s after the young ones got off to daycare. Then back to the house where we did some document updates to file there with Destry and Rachel. Then we headed out to the airport with stops at Fred Meyer’s for ATM work and a stop for fuel for our rental car. Traffic was light and we made good time to PDX. Continue reading Goodbye to the kids. Flight delay at PDX.

New yard. Day with the kids. Arvixe and HostGator.

The upper yard in late May, with trees cut

When we were here last summer Destry had started some major changes to their back yard. Their house sits on a side hill, sloping from the back to the street, and the yard mostly followed the lay of the land. Plus, there are/were several large and medium sized trees on the property. The sloped area was not grassed, and the shade from the trees made it difficult to maintain a lawn. So they decided to build a retaining wall partway back from the street so the area beyond could be flattened. When we were here in June he had cut several trees and was in the process of cutting them up to remove them. Continue reading New yard. Day with the kids. Arvixe and HostGator.

Rachel birthday. Quiet day with kids.

Happy Birthday, Rachel. We took the family out to breakfast at – where else – Elmer’s Restaurant. Rachel and I had German Pancakes, Elaine had oatmeal, Destry had Chicken Fried Steak, and the young ones had oatmeal. It seemed we all enjoyed our fare; I know I did. I just had the plain German Pancake with butter and lemon; no other topping this time. Continue reading Rachel birthday. Quiet day with kids.

A great family Thanksgiving

at dinner
Elaine, Rachel, Destry, Thomas, Julia, Angelica

Destry’s two kids – Julia and Angelica – joined us today for a great Thanksgiving dinner and gathering. Angelica’s Ray had to work and could not make it. Julia’s Thomas and their three kids Shelbi, Amelia, and Abigail were here as well. Julia and Angelica brought dishes they had made to add to what Destry and Rachel had prepared and we had much left over. Continue reading A great family Thanksgiving

Learning WordPress: header images

I have used the theme named Twenty Eleven for the Royal Palm Social Club web site because I liked having a series of banner images show in the header. I used various scenes from Royal Palm that swap out each time a page is selected. But what I didn’t like is that the images also showed up on the pages when a post was being shown, because the generic images do not relate to the post topic. Continue reading Learning WordPress: header images

A day of fun and prep

Cody snuggling with Rachel, Elaine petting Alice
Cody snuggling with Rachel, Elaine petting Alice

We did not have our Thanksgiving festivities today; Rachel and Destry planned to have that tomorrow, and Angelica and Ray and Julia and Thomas with kids will be here. But that did not meant laying around doing nothing on their part. Rachel baked several pies and Destry made some stuffing. Destry also prepared supper. And no day is really quiet with twin 2½-year-olds in the house. Just ask Grandma and Grandpa! Continue reading A day of fun and prep

Elmer’s. Craft Warehouse. Finger painting.

Elmer's German Pancake with Apple and Caramel topping
Elmer’s German Pancake with Apple and Caramel topping

Whenever we are in Oregon I always try to get to an Elmer’s Restaurant if I can, especially for breakfast. The reason? German Pancakes! I love German Pancakes. So this morning that is where we went, and that is what I had. While I usually get the Combo, today I had just the pancake but with an Apple Caramel topping. Yum! And Elaine topped it off with some of her Slivered Almonds, Raisins, and Cranberries. Even the waitress thought that looked good. Continue reading Elmer’s. Craft Warehouse. Finger painting.

Cora and Cody. Flight PHX-PDX. Newsletter folding.

Destry, Rachel, Cora, Cody playing with some balloons Grandma brought.

The high point of our day was getting to see Cody and Cora again. These are the twins of Destry and Rachel Ogden, and are our 2½ year old grandkids. We saw them last in June, and they not only have grown but they are much more active and are talking in phrases and sentences; not that we can always understand what they are saying! They were excited to see us when we came up the stairs at their house; Cora met me on the stairs with a kiss. And they both gave Grandma hugs and kisses. Continue reading Cora and Cody. Flight PHX-PDX. Newsletter folding.