Lots to do.

Clean my desk, work on the newsletter, pay some bills, clean my desk, get newsletter drafts out for review, put tape flags on some mailbox posts, clean my desk, work on newsletter – this is how my day went. I have to complete the newsletter so it can go to the printer tomorrow morning, but could not finish it until after the Social Club meeting yesterday and a couple of other events because I needed info from them. I got it done enough so I felt comfortable printing out draft copies for George Immerson (club president) and Leslie Nielsen (activities coordinator and a good reviewer) to work on today.

I got phone comments back from George and Leslie dropped by with her marked-up copy. I will do all those edits tonight; I don’t see anything major that will delay the process.

_flagWhile out dropping off the review copies I also put some duct tape flags on eight mailbox posts here in Royal Palm. These flags alert the newsletter delivery teams that those people do not wish to get a printed newsletter copy. Most or all will get their copy electronically and thus save the Club the cost of printing. We pay around 80ยข per book, so we can get significant savings in this way. The newsletter is available electronically from our web site (RoyalPalmSocialClub.com), from our Facebook page (Facebook.com/groups/269101586618479), and by signing up to receive the newsletter via email. Those electronic copies cost us nothing, obviously, and what’s more the recipient can print it out in full color if they wish.

Getting the newsletter out always gives me a chance to clear stuff off my desk that I have accumulated in preparation for publishing. And I took that opportunity to get some desk clearing done today. A lot went into the trash, some into the new shredder I recently bought, and some went into files in my filing cabinet. Glad to get that done, but there is more to be completed.

Elaine did some more boxing of kitchen stuff today; it is down now to just those things we will use each day until we leave. And she had a nails appointment which took about three hours. She did some grocery shopping while she was out and we both went to Fry’s to get a couple of items she could not find at Walmart. Both places were extremely busy, which made it hard to get around and frustrating at times.

Marv Fitchett and Mary McDougale came over this afternoon for a while. Marv was here to go over the final details for our kitchen remodel, which he will start working on Wednesday morning after we leave on Tuesday afternoon. We talked through several minor details needed to clarify.

Mary was here because she is going to take care of Kerby and Gizmo while we are gone. This task is made more complex because of Gizmo’s eye treatments; he has two different drops twice a day in each eye, plus a salve once a day in his left eye, plus a pill once a day. I showed her how to do one of the drops and she did the other. Then she did the salve application. And I showed her how I do the pills.


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