Cora and Cody. Flight PHX-PDX. Newsletter folding.

Destry, Rachel, Cora, Cody playing with some balloons Grandma brought.

The high point of our day was getting to see Cody and Cora again. These are the twins of Destry and Rachel Ogden, and are our 2½ year old grandkids. We saw them last in June, and they not only have grown but they are much more active and are talking in phrases and sentences; not that we can always understand what they are saying! They were excited to see us when we came up the stairs at their house; Cora met me on the stairs with a kiss. And they both gave Grandma hugs and kisses.

View from Terminal 4, with our plane in the foreground. Piestewa Peak in the left background and Camelback Mtn in the right background

Our flight from Phoenix to Portland went fairly well. We were delayed about 30 minutes in Phoenix waiting for our flight attendants who were coming in on another flight. But the pilot made up most of that time and we were only about four minutes late getting into Portland. Marv Fitchett drove us to the airport in our Equinox, and Mary McDougale came along as well. Marv will pick us up when we return.

However, when we picked up our car at Alamo and I plugged their address in my phone GPS we were greeted with a message that there was a 31 minute delay on I 205 but we were on the fastest route. Traffic was slow both northbound and southbound, as in 10-20 mph in all lanes. Southbound it loosened up once we hit Foster Rd and we were able to cruise along at the posted speed limit of 55 the rest of the way on the Interstate.

Destry had made dinner for us and held it for us even though we were late. It was good, and we were hungry. After all, it was after 8:00 PM Arizona time when we ate!

The newsletter folding crew

We started the morning, however, with a newsletter folding session at the Clubhouse. We had 2-3 more people than usual so instead of a half hour it only took twenty minutes.  Then the bags of newsletters were given out to those who distribute them; Elaine and Mary McDougale did the D Street and B Street routes. It all goes so nicely with the organization we have that Diana Carter started when she was editor.

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