Elmer’s. Craft Warehouse. Finger painting.

Elmer's German Pancake with Apple and Caramel topping
Elmer’s German Pancake with Apple and Caramel topping

Whenever we are in Oregon I always try to get to an Elmer’s Restaurant if I can, especially for breakfast. The reason? German Pancakes! I love German Pancakes. So this morning that is where we went, and that is what I had. While I usually get the Combo, today I had just the pancake but with an Apple Caramel topping. Yum! And Elaine topped it off with some of her Slivered Almonds, Raisins, and Cranberries. Even the waitress thought that looked good.

Craft Warehouse. The sun came out while Elaine was shopping!

Another almost obligatory stop is Craft Warehouse – for Elaine, of course. This is one of her favorite craft stores and can’t be found outside this area. Sometimes I am surprised she doesn’t bring another suitcase “just in case”! But then, I guess we could always ship the items home.

Rain has been the order of the day (and night) since we arrived, and Destry said it has rained most of November. And that is the forecast for most of our stay.

Traffic Рneed I say more? When we went to breakfast we could see the traffic backed up on I-205 as we crossed it. So I thought we would take a different route to head to Gresham and Craft Warehouse. But when we started that trip I-205 north was running smoothly, so I took it. Wrong! The smooth sailing did not last long, and soon we were at 10 mph or less. I thought I might get off at Foster Rd, but by the time we got to that off-ramp it was moving again so I decided to continue. But as soon as we got to the Foster Rd on-ramp it was bogged down again. In just a mile! So, we continued on for another couple miles and got off at Division, the one we were heading for anyway.  Geez!

I am not much of a craft shopper, so I usually wait in the car for Elaine. I don’t care how long she takes, for I like to people watch and I always do something on my smartphone. So I decided to try writing the start of my post for today on the smartphone, and I like it! Using WordPress works well, even on this smaller device. That includes adding and annotating the photos as well. While slower than touch typing on my laptop, it is still productive. And it lets me use otherwise down time productively.

Inside Craft Warehouse the music playing was “It’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you”, but in this rain I think it would be damned tough sledding!

(Back to the keyboard now)

Speaking of Elmer’s, while in the restaurant I did a search to find out what are the ingredients in their Northwest Salsa. While that was not successful, I did find an article in The Arizona Republic saying that Elmer’s now has a restaurant in Scottsdale! Wow! It is called Egg N’ Joe, and it seems to have the same menu as Elmer’s, including my favorite German Pancakes. That means I won’t have to wait so long between fixes! We will try them soon.

Cora showing off her finger painted fingers

It was fun to watch Cora and Cody this evening; they were doing finger painting before we sat down to supper and they continued doing that while we ate. Not only did the paper get painted, so also did the table, their fingers, and at least Cora’s face. I don’t think they had any supper at all, they were so taken up with their activities


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