A great family Thanksgiving

at dinner
Elaine, Rachel, Destry, Thomas, Julia, Angelica

Destry’s two kids – Julia and Angelica – joined us today for a great Thanksgiving dinner and gathering. Angelica’s Ray had to work and could not make it. Julia’s Thomas and their three kids Shelbi, Amelia, and Abigail were here as well. Julia and Angelica brought dishes they had made to add to what Destry and Rachel had prepared and we had much left over.

Elaine and I really felt the effects of three small and very active kids all at once! It was a fun three hours keeping track of all the activity watching the interactions. Here’s some scenes from the day.

Destry cooking turkey
Rachel cooking mashed potatoes
Abigail, Julia, Amelia, Thomas
Elaine, Abigail, Cora, Cody, Amelia, Shelbi, Thomas
Cody, Cora, Rachel
Elaine and Cora, with Elaine’s tablet
Amelia, Cora, and Shelbi at dinner

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