Rachel birthday. Quiet day with kids.

Happy Birthday, Rachel. We took the family out to breakfast at – where else – Elmer’s Restaurant. Rachel and I had German Pancakes, Elaine had oatmeal, Destry had Chicken Fried Steak, and the young ones had oatmeal. It seemed we all enjoyed our fare; I know I did. I just had the plain German Pancake with butter and lemon; no other topping this time.

After breakfast we headed to the nearest Lowe’s. Elaine and I had spotted some child’s tool kits previously at a Lowe’s and thought that Cora and Cody might like them for Christmas. Destry and Rachel checked them out approved, so Elaine bought them along with a couple of other things.

Later, Elaine and Rachel went shopping at JoAnn’s. Elaine found some travel mugs she likes and needed as replacements, but did not find some other craft items she was looking for.

I spent the rest of the day at the house, reading and working at my tablet. A very unbusy – and relaxing – day for me!

Later in the afternoon Rachel and Destry left the kids with Grandma and Grandpa and did some errands easier to do without kids along. We had a great time with the little ones.

Cody and Cora having pumpkin pie and ice cream, with Mom watching.

Destry made a delicious soup for supper using various pasta, sausage, tomatoes, and maybe other veggies in a beef stock. We all liked it, including the young ones.

The evening was spent watching the little ones acting up. They were very busy, perhaps as a result of having some pie and ice cream after supper. It was lots of fun watching their activity and being amazed at their inventiveness at play.

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