New yard. Day with the kids. Arvixe and HostGator.

The upper yard in late May, with trees cut

When we were here last summer Destry had started some major changes to their back yard. Their house sits on a side hill, sloping from the back to the street, and the yard mostly followed the lay of the land. Plus, there are/were several large and medium sized trees on the property. The sloped area was not grassed, and the shade from the trees made it difficult to maintain a lawn. So they decided to build a retaining wall partway back from the street so the area beyond could be flattened. When we were here in June he had cut several trees and was in the process of cutting them up to remove them.

Lower yard with new wall in place
Upper yard after regrading

Since that time he has finished the job of the upper part of the lawn, and it looks really good. There is still more work to, of course, and that will come in time. The before and after photos here will give you an idea of what they are doing. Too bad it has rain ed the whole time we were here so we couldn’t appreciate it up close!

Elaine, Rachel, Destry, and the kids did some minor shopping this afternoon but I stayed home. Elaine had to get a few items at Walgreen’s that we forgot to get or pack when we left home.

I took advantage of that time to work out some issues at Arvixe. I needed to cancel the account there since I have moved it to HostGator. But every time I tried to log in I ended up in the account! Somehow I had gotten the logins crossed. It took me a while with tech support, but I got it straightened out and got the account cancelled. Whew!

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