Early flight. On to Cabo.

View from Gate 75 at SFO

4:15 AM comes all too soon, especially when we got to the hotel around 10:30 the night before! But that was the time for our wakeup call so we could catch the 5:00 shuttle to the airport in Phoenix. Our flight was at 7:00 AM and we needed to grab a bite to eat before boarding. We got checked in OK, but had a 10-15 minute wait for wheelchair drivers to take us to our gate. We got a brief breakfast and headed to our gate – it was crowded!

We decided to stay in a hotel overnight in Phoenix since we were getting in so late and going out so early. Besides, Mary McDougale is staying at our house nights to be with the boys. I called her this morning to check up on them and she said they were doing great. Gizmo is helpful when his eye drops need to go in as he is with me. And she reports that our kitchen remodel is coming along great and the new cabinets look good.

Our flight from Phoenix via United went well. We had a smooth ride most all the way. And we had a wait of about 1:45 for our next flight, to Cabo San Lucas MEX, leaving at 10:20 AM, also a United flight. Elaine got a chance to catch some zzzs along the way, but I did not.

Cabo reminds me a lot of the Phoenix area. Stark sharp hills and few trees. Lots of bougainvillea, some cacti, and ocotillos. The trip from the airport to our hotel took about 40 minutes and we passed through San Jose del Cabo and a distance along Federal Route 1, stopping at a few hotels along the way to drop people off.

The Riu Santa Fe is a very large resort hotel, with about 1,000 rooms in 2-3 buildings. Our building is closest to the ocean (Sea of Cortez) but that means a longer walk to get back to the lobby and main building.

View from our window showing the pools nearby

There are several pools outside our building; the one closest the sea is an infinite edge pool which gives a great view out into the sea. We are on the third floor.

A partial view inside the Italian restaurant, showing its size. Elaine is sitting at the left, back to me.

We had supper tonight at the Italian restaurant back near the main lobby. The only restaurant in our building is the Steak House, and it was closed tonight. We walked on over and found a line of more than 50 people already gathered even though it was before the restaurant opened at 6:30. We did not need to worry about getting in and getting served. They fitted us in with lots of room for more. A waiter took our main course order and we headed to the salad bar. Not long after we were through our salad course our main course was delivered. Both our meals were good. We also went back to the dessert bar after.

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  1. Sounds like a great start! Enjoy!
    We leave Thurs. for San Diego after Charles’ 7 a.m. cataract appt to hopefully set his procedure date. Only time we could get! We will play tourist there until Sunday afternoon and then drive up to Long Beach. Our annual Anniversary get a way.

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