Restaurant problems. Vidanta.

Outdoor dining at La Baja California

We were going to eat at the Steak House tonight, but it was crowded with a long line when we got there and we were told it would be a 1½ hour wait. So we headed over to the main area to try the Mexican restaurant – La Misíon – but it was closed. We finally ended up at La Baja California, a buffet restaurant with lots of choices. We got right in there and had our meal. I was not impressed with the food selection there, though I did find plenty to eat and it was good. Elaine had a harder time in selecting but did find something to eat. We sat inside, though there was also seating outside.

Some of the buffet stations
Part of the seating area at La Baja California. Find Elaine in the center.
Kids with a pinata

As we left the restaurant we saw a noisy gathering in the plaza area and went over to investigate. It was a piñata party for kids. We watched the young ones for a while as they had fun trying to break the piñata – none succeeded, though there were a couple of larger boys who could have had the piñata been left down within their reach longer.

We stopped at the front desk to ask for a room change. I cannot easily walk the distances from Building 7 to the lobby and restaurant area so we asked for a room closer in. We will move tomorrow morning. There is no coffee in the rooms and we would have had to walk for 15 minutes or so just to get a cup, to say nothing of getting our meals. In Building 6 we will be close in. It is a downgrade, but that is OK.

When we got through customs at the airport on arrival our wheelchair pusher took us over to the booth where we thought we were going to get a ride to our hotel. Instead, we got hooked up with a salesperson for a resort chain. We got discounts on several activities in the area we want to do in exchange for sitting in on a sales presentation today. We spent most of the day at that resort – a Vidanta property – and did actually sign up for a membership. It took about an hour of negotiations but we finally got the price down to something we felt we could afford and that we would use. Vidanta is a Mexican company with several resorts in Mexico. And we are tied in with SFx, with whom we can book resorts all over the world. Not what we had planned on, and not something we were looking for, but we did it anyway. Since we are planning to sell our motorhome we will move into a different vacation mode and this plan will probably suit our new style. We have wanted to explore Mexico more, and this will encourage us to do so.


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