Newsletter printed. Travel planning.

201612-coverMy big effort this morning was to wrap up the Royal Palm newsletter – The Palm Press. While it was mostly completed yesterday, there were still a few last-minute details to tie down this morning. I set up the monthly puzzle; this is a word scramble/search with the letters scattered throughout the newsletter. I do this the last thing so that reviewers do not get a head start on solving it. I also had one photo from almost 25 years ago with three people in it; two I could recognize from their names but one was only identified by a single name. I contacted several of the residents here the longest and none could identify the person. So I published it anyway. Continue reading Newsletter printed. Travel planning.

Lots to do.

Clean my desk, work on the newsletter, pay some bills, clean my desk, get newsletter drafts out for review, put tape flags on some mailbox posts, clean my desk, work on newsletter – this is how my day went. I have to complete the newsletter so it can go to the printer tomorrow morning, but could not finish it until after the Social Club meeting yesterday and a couple of other events because I needed info from them. I got it done enough so I felt comfortable printing out draft copies for George Immerson (club president) and Leslie Nielsen (activities coordinator and a good reviewer) to work on today. Continue reading Lots to do.

Back to satellite. Social Club meeting. Karaoke.

Our satellite dish on the shed roof

You’ve read recently about my frustration with Tablo and hard drives. Table provides DVR functions for over the air TV and uses an external hard drive to do its work. But I had a problem with Tablo and one hard drive and then again with a second. So I bit the bullet and called DISH to come install a satellite dish for us. We have used DISH TV in our motorhome for several years, so we had the receiver and hard drive for DVR. And one time while in the RV section here we had to have a dish installed. So we had all the equipment. Continue reading Back to satellite. Social Club meeting. Karaoke.

Kiss The Cook. Bye, John.

My Cajun Omelet

We took John back to his truck this morning so he could continue on his routes. Since he did not need to be there to pick up his load until around 11:00 we stopped for breakfast at Kiss the Cook in Glendale along the way. We eat there on occasion, but have not been there for some time. It was good to be back. I had the New Orleans Cajun Omelet, and great spicy dish that I could not finish. Elaine had Oatmeal with raisins and walnuts, and John had the Country Breakfast. The restaurant looks like a antique shop inside with all the items on display; there is always something to catch  the eye and capture your interest as you wait for your meal to be delivered. Continue reading Kiss The Cook. Bye, John.

Pappadeaux with John. Dog wash.

John, Elaine, and Dave at Pappadeaux

When John knew he would be staying over again tonight, he requested of his Mom that we go to “that seafood place you like so much” for supper. He remembers that I occasionally write about going to Pappadeaux, so that is where we went. I think he thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and we are glad we went. Elaine had a lobster, John Pasta Mardi Gras, and I had Shrimp and Scallops over Orecchiette pasta with jumbo lump crab & asparagus in a creamy Parmesan vodka sauce. We had plenty to bring home for tomorrow. Continue reading Pappadeaux with John. Dog wash.

Women’s Club. Errands. HostGator.

Women’s Club meeting today

Elaine attended the Royal Palm Women’s Club meeting this morning and came back with notes for me to include in the upcoming newsletter. The Club is planning for their Annual Christmas Bazaar, and we will be back in time for it. The Women’s Club meets twice a month from October through May. Continue reading Women’s Club. Errands. HostGator.

Gizmo good eye report. HostGator. Bearizona.

Gizmo got a good report from his eye doctor today! It has been two weeks since we took him to Eye Care for Animals because of a swelling on the cornea of his left eye. Dr Sigler prescribed an eye salve which I have been applying to his left eye three times a day. Dr Sigler said there has been an improvement, and we can see the reduction in swelling as well. He must have the salve for another month, though on a reduced dosage. Good news! Continue reading Gizmo good eye report. HostGator. Bearizona.

We’ll pass on torture. Trader Joe’s shopping.

“…Expedia will be assigning me as your personal concierge for your trip to cobble (Cabo) as your local expert concierge. I can arrange a port transportation, set up dinner reservations or help set up any torture activities that may interest you…” That was a transcribed voice mail message I received today. What are we getting in for? Maybe we don’t want to go to Cabo San Lucas after all!?! Continue reading We’ll pass on torture. Trader Joe’s shopping.

Jason’s Deli. Shopping. Halloween’s gone.

Now THAT’s a Reuben! Half a Reuben from Jason’s Deli.

“Darn, I forgot to take something out for supper!” “That’s OK, sweetie. We can go to Pei Wei or Jason’s Deli and we’ll also have some leftovers for tomorrow night.” Elaine plays Marbles & Jokers on Sunday night and Hand & Foot on Monday night, so not having to prepare a meal is a benefit to her on those days. I ordered a Reuben sandwich and Elaine got the salad bar. Continue reading Jason’s Deli. Shopping. Halloween’s gone.

Password managers. Login life.

535 different logins saved! I recently installed the Kaspersky Internet Security package since it came with the Geek Squad Support package and part of Kaspersky is a Password Manager. I decided to try using it instead of the LastPass password manager I have been using for several years now. Not that LastPass was not doing the job – just that I like the idea of an integrated package. So as one of the first steps in using Kaspersky, I exported my LastPass vault entries to import them into Kaspersky. LastPass exports them as a comma-separated-values (CSV) file which is easily opened in Microsoft Excel. I was shocked when I saw that I had about 535 different login entries in my LastPass vault!! Continue reading Password managers. Login life.