Back in the turmoil. Setting up kitchen.

A view of the range and refrigerator area showing our temporary counter and new cabinets

We got back into activity quickly, or at least Elaine did. Immediately that we returned she had a sign project to do for an upcoming bazaar this Saturday. Yesterday she started unpacking kitchen stuff, at least enough for us to start living in our new kitchen for the next few days. You see, while our new cabinets are installed, our new countertops won’t be installed until next Tuesday! Marv did his work on schedule, but the company doing the countertops was slow in getting here to make the templates and then it will take 7-10 days to produce and install the countertops!

Temporary countertops in the sink area
Here’s our new pantry cabinet

Marv had set a couple of pieces of wood down over some of the cabinets and we asked him to cover more area so he brought in some of the old countertop to finish the job. Now at least we have space to work on! We have no kitchen sink, but we are getting by with getting water from one of the bathrooms and washing dishes in a plastic tub. And we are trying to minimize the amount of dishes by using plastic and paper. Last night I ordered pizza and salads, so that takes care of two nights.

This afternoon Elaine made some fudge to sell at the Women’s Club Annual Christmas Bazaar this Saturday (I helped by doing the stirring) and she made a large pot of chili con carne as well.

Elaine liked the margaritas she had in Mexico so well I decided to make them for her here at home. Yesterday I bought some tequila and Triple Sec and some limes and lime juice. I looked for some agave nectar but did not find it then so I substituted honey. We agreed they were pretty good for my first from scratch attempt at making margaritas. Today we bought some agave nector to use for sweetening instead of honey. My recipe will improve with time! I did not want to use commercial mixes because of all the unnecessary ingredients in them – especially the high fructose corn syrup.

This morning I processed two+ weeks of accumulated mail. It was easy; most went in the recycle bin.

Last night I tried to use my laptop to finish my post but could not get it to go off of airplane mode. It would work fine when connected to the Internet directly via Ethernet, but not wirelessly. And my Bluetooth mouse would not work as well. I contacted Best Buy Geek Squad and after the tech worked on it for a while he asked me to check the wireless switch – usually that is accessed with a button using one of the function keys. But not on mine. I looked all over the laptop, top and bottom and all sides, and finally found a slide switch on the right side of the unit. Sure enough it had been partially moved. Once I switched it to ON everything worked as it should! At that point it dawned on me that the same thing had happened the last time we took a flight. I had moved the switch while putting my laptop either in or out of the back pack! Maybe I will remember to check that next time.

The boys got their hair cut yesterday morning first thing, and they are looking great again

Pete Petersen came over a couple of times yesterday; once to help us find a missing Dish remote, and once to go over details and make measurements for the under-cabinet LED lights we want installed. Mary McDougale also came over to help look for the missing remote; I had called her since she had been staying here. After a search taking a half hour or more I finally discovered it hidden in the pile of mail on my desk!

I wanted to find the remote so we could catch up on a couple of shows that had been recorded while we were gone. We watched Survivor, but Designated Survivor had not been recorded so I turned to Roku and ABC to catch up on that one. We watched three episodes of the latter.

An update on the countertops: Marv called me late this afternoon saying that he had been told the granite company, Aracruz, will not release the granite slab(s) because they were not yet paid for! I immediately called the company and spent about a half hour trying to get things straightened out. Yes, we had paid for everything in full on October 27th. Yes, I had their Sales Ticket showing it paid in full. Yes, our Chase account shows Aracruz was paid in full on October 28th. Yet their records showed we still owed a balance. Finally, after involving 3-4 people at their end, they acknowledged that we had, indeed, paid in full. Now they will release the granite on Monday! At this point I don’t know how much THAT fiasco will delay getting our countertops installed; we were last told it would be Tuesday. Grrrrr…. Not happy about all this.

Elaine is out tonight at the Clubhouse helping the women get ready for the Bazaar tomorrow. They have to set up the tables for all the vendors. She’ll be other there from 9 to 2 tomorrow, handling the baked goods table as she did last year. And I will visit at least at lunch time.

George Immerso stopped by for a visit this afternoon and helped to catch us up on all the happenings here in Royal Palm while we were gone. We always enjoy George’s visits; as Social Club President and as a very social person in his own right, George knows what is happening around our “village” and has news not easily discovered otherwise. Thanks, George! Aside from the updates, we also enjoyed his company!

Pete Petersen also stopped by this afternoon to show me a fascinating digital camera he has. This device is a standalone unit that is connected wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet and has excellent image capabilities. I think Elaine is suggesting this as a Christmas present for me. Time will tell. Thanks for sharing, Pete!

We spent a short time at the pool this afternoon, swimming for part of it and in the hot tub for the rest. The air temp was around 72°, the water temp around 85°, so it was very comfortable. I only swam for about 15 minutes, but in a few days I should be back up to my 40-minute routines

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