Christmas labels, continued. Purple wheel cover. Christmas decorations.

Our new steering wheel cover for our golf cart

I found yet another purple item for our golf cart – a black-and-purple steering wheel cover – and installed it today. It was a little larger diameter to fit a regular steering wheel, so I had to cut a 3-inch chunk out of it. But I applied the steering wheel knob bracket to cover the split so it worked out okay. It looks pretty good, and fits with Elaine’s popular purple/violet motif.

Elaine and cards
Elaine working hard on Christmas cards

I have rethought my approach to producing Christmas card mailing labels. I had thought I would use my contact lists and generate labels using mail merge in Word. I quickly realized that won’t work because my contact lists have individuals and mailing labels are for couples. So I dropped back to the method I have used in the past – Word documents set up for Avery 5160 labels. But I introduced a new feature to my previous haphazard lists.

This year I have organized the labels by Family (sheet 1, sheet 2), Friends (sheet 1, sheet 2), and Royal Palm. And the two family sheets are organized by family group to make it easier to use as a checklist or to find for updating. Actually we won’t be mailing the ones to Royal Palm friends – we will hand deliver – but that sheet serves as a checklist.

Elaine did a check of my drafts and found a few with addresses we need to update, and we will get that done soon. Then that project is ready to go!

Our Christmas wreath on the front of our house
Our mini tree with purple lights inside, the gold hanging items, and the small vinyl tree against the house

We got started on our Christmas decorations today. I rolled out our under-deck storage tray and we got out all the Christmas stuff and sorted it out. I took down the large sun sculpture from the front of the house and hung the shiny wreath and got it plugged in. We also set up the skinny vinyl tree in front and Elaine hung all the various gold dangly things that go on the awning’s front lattice. I tried to set up one of our spiral white trees out front, but could not remember how to anchor it; I’ve only used it for several years now. Maybe I will figure it out tomorrow. We still have the Christmas tree to put up on the deck as well as the icicle lights to hang from the edge of the awning. Maybe I’ll do the latter tomorrow. Before we put up the tree I want to thoroughly clean the deck floor. I was planning to do the latter tomorrow, since our new kitchen sink is stored on the deck for the time being, but we learned this afternoon that our new countertops will not be installed until Friday. I don’t want to wait that long on the tree so I will do the cleaning tomorrow anyway.


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