Kitchen counter. Christmas decorations.

Before: The kitchen with the temporary countertops.
After: The new granite countertops are in place

At long last, our kitchen countertops were installed today! And we are as pleased with our choice of granite material as we hoped we would be. The granite crew spent much of the day doing the install. Marv Fitchett was here all the time to help in preparing for the countertop install and to pitch in when needed. And now this evening Elaine is unpacking more boxes and putting things away in the kitchen; only seven boxes to go. She did not want to do that before the tops were finished. Now we get to make those decisions about how to arrange our kitchen and everything that goes into it.

This is our new granite countertop

Our new kitchen has a slightly different arrangement of cabinets and drawers than it did before. For one thing, we have no bottom cabinets except for under the sink and in the corner. The rest of the bases are drawers – a choice we made when we remodeled the kitchen in our old house. Drawers make it much easier to store and retrieve things since we don’t have to reach into the back of the cabinet for items.

And where before we had essentially open space above the microwave and refrigerator, now we have cabinets there. But these cabinets are too short in height to store some of the items we previously had in those spaces.

But we do have a much better pantry space, with large drawers to make it easier to store and retrieve, and we gained one base cabinet next to the refrigerator. Of course we lost some base cabinet space since we added an 18-inch dishwasher. But having the dishwasher means we don’t have to store dirty dishes on the counters and we don’t have to have a dish drainer on the counters.

While the countertops and the sink are in, none of the plumbing is connected yet. The granite guys asked Marv to not do the plumbing until tomorrow, to let the caulk have a chance to set. And Marv has a few other things to do to complete the kitchen.

More Christmas lights are up; the icicle lights were added today.

We got a lot more Christmas decorations up today. Since Marv did not have a lot to do most of the day he offered to help put up decorations. So I asked him to put up our icicle lights around the edge of our awning and the front and north side of the house. Then tonight I added the extension cord needed to power those lights. We still have to put up our window candle lights and maybe a few more items and we are done.

Elaine decorating our Christmas tree
Our Christmas tree, lighted

I also got out our Christmas tree and Elaine and I got it assembled and then she worked on decorating it. The tree looks good! We don’t have room inside for a tree so we put it on the porch. Since we don’t put presents under the tree it is perfectly safe there and helps to decorate the house in the neighborhood.

Mary McDougale came over shortly after the counter guys were done, bringing Marv his lunch and a fresh drink. And shortly later George Immerso stopped by. I volunteered to make margaritas in celebration of getting the counters done and all but George imbibed. We had a great visit with everybody and got some great laughs in. That is a good group for that!

We went to Red Lobster for dinner tonight, still not doing cooking in the new kitchen. Elaine ordered the three lobster taco dish but neither of us observed that they were “jalapeno ranch” tacos! Elaine does not do spicy, so I ate one of hers and we took the rest home. I ordered the Bar Harbor Bake, which has lobster tails, scallops, and shrimp in a sauce with linguini. I shared my lobster tails and some shrimp with Elaine. Very tasty; I also brought a lot home.



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