Christmas cards mailed. Pete and breakfast burrito. Chilly morning.

Elaine putting finishing touches to our Christmas cards

Yeah! Our Christmas cards have been mailed! Elaine and I worked for about two hours this morning on the final steps of adding the card message, addressing the envelopes, stuffing the envelopes, and adding postage. We had almost enough stamps to do the job but had to stop at CVS on our way to the Post Office to buy some more. We are glad to get those 72 cards on the way to our family and friends.

This is our Christmas message for this year, including our “personal” signatures.

All of our Christmas cards were hand-made by Elaine and have her personal touch. Each card has a message included that is “personally” signed by us all: Elaine, Kerby, Gizmo, and me. You can see our current message in the image at right. It is printed on vellum and attached to the inside of each card. It was easy getting Kerby and Gizmo to “sign” them, surprisingly. I held them while Elaine got their paw on a stamp pad then applied it to the paper, and then I captured the result by scanning. We’ll be able to use those “signatures” in the future as well.

Sunday morning – breakfast burrito time. Pete Petersen has heard us rave over Elaine’s breakfast burritos often but “complained” that he was never invited to check out claims. So yesterday we invited him for this morning. He said the burritos lived up to our claims – at least that is what he said while he was here!

We are in a short cool spell the last few days. This morning the temperature dropped to 38°! That’s fairly rare around here; normal is around 44°. Our high today was 61°, also a few degrees below normal. But our temps will rise back into the 70s in a day or so.

We rested the rest of the day after getting the Christmas card job done. It was a good and easy day. Now we just have to deliver the cards going to friends here in Royal Palm.

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